Black Velvet Gloves

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Loved this dark track by Agnes and Vince!! Wonderful and so cool! I had an idea for a mix and a video, but only for a shorter version, so I edited it down to the last section only. I included an HD track of just the lead guitars that starts at the beginning of the original, unedited track(probably about 4 minutes of silence). Enjoy!!


Mister Fireworks!!+1
Or Mr. Dynamite :D+0
Yeaah ! Wait few minutes Aaron :)+0
Great playin as always HF.Like the layered guitars. Catchy riff.:W+0
Wow, great .. fantastic!! :D:W:W+0
Vinnie moore vibes!!:):) great!:W+0
Yes, HD tracks that begin at the start of the song (with one bar empty) is the better way to organize the work of mixing. Thank you Aaron.+0
I must thank you for this very good add. This is so good to hear you with us.
I take this add from you like a gift. You make my day. <3

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