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I certainly have more time now and seeing as all my special wiikfriends may possibly also have more time here, maybe its useful to have some self Isolated drum tracks for jamming and/or adding to? So I'm going to try and upload at least 1 a day in various Genres/BPMs/Time Signatures....any special requests would of course be really appreciated, challenging and real fun to try:) Thanks for listening


Super Peter. And a great idea. I’m always searching the drum tracks. Requests? One totally free jazz track. 4-5 minutes. Lots of dynamics. Space. Time if you want but not throughout. How’s that for a wish list?😀😀😀+4
March 24 2020 19:00:09
magirtiko :D +2
March 24 2020 19:10:06
PJE Thank you Alex and fantastic<3 I'm on it and think this could well be tomorrows track:D:D:W +2
March 24 2020 19:20:04
Ivanovitch That is a GREAT idea +2
Great track and title. I'm afraid I'm limited on time for joining the party. No difference for me working on the land and it's harvest season. Once that's over I'd usually be back on research, but if the restrictions don't stop then I can't visit our trials around NZ and Australia. Could be some major free time then as we go into winter and the work on the land stops.+1
March 25 2020 09:45:51
PJE Thank you and No worries Wade, will miss your adds of course, but needs must and it will all wait for you and any free time you have I personally really look forward to hearing music from you, main thing is take care and don’t work too hard +1
March 25 2020 10:52:21
Wade As long as I'm still capable I think it's rather good for me to keep fit. The harvesting and processing our figs is easy work, it just takes a lot of time. The forestry work is much tougher, but that's all on hold (for now). +1
March 24 2020 15:29:24
PJE Cheers WD:D:W +1
This truly rocks, Peter :W :Y

I like very much the bit of reverber you used <3
March 24 2020 19:10:38
PJE <3Cheers Mirko +0
now there's a cool idea Peter...neat drums!+1
March 24 2020 21:12:00
PJE Thanks so much Shi, I hope all is fine with you and your taking care, can’t wait to hear, maybe play on your next beauty my friend:) +1
March 24 2020 21:14:45
Shi and won't that be nice :) +1
Fantastic Your Drum Template PJE ;) Cool :W+1
handy dandy template Peter!:o<3:D+1
Great drums dear amigo Peter and friend! :D:W+1
Exceptional drumming :W+1
Well then, let's ride out 🤖.+1
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