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A harmonically complex and very fulfilling track from Acousticeg. Tenor sax is in accompaniment mode and hopefully not detracting from this fine composition.


I think that few would have ventured to play the sax on this song due to the remarkable complexity, but certainly not you with that fine musical ear that you have. I clearly feel how you listen to playing before so as not to create confusion and lose control. Well! this is a virtue that few have ....listening and then playing.
My respect Wade!
March 25 2020 23:42:02
Wade Such a kind compliment. I've spent many years/hears trying to anticipate and understand music others create. As there is a musical logic to this track it's not that difficult. For many years my practice was to randomly switch radio stations and play along with whatever was on...classical, jazz, pop, ethnic, even country! I also played for a number of years in a backing duo/trio for open mike nights, so developed an ear for improvising backing for whoever showed up. They almost never had charts, much less music in Bb or Eb.

All that to say, it's less raw talent than many years/hears of playing in this mode.
Dear Mr Kaa, you have done an efficient and calm support work. Working on two guitars is a really difficult exercise and you have to play the balancing act so as not to be an intruder. What is not here :)+2
March 25 2020 23:35:53
Wade So glad you like this. I'm indeed still sneaking and slithering around within this. My usual mode of playing? Cheers titi. +0
Great like always Wade. :)+2
March 25 2020 23:43:54
Wade Thanks so much. I very much appreciate the listen and comment. +1
This is a really cool track - subtle and complex.+2
March 26 2020 00:20:29
Wade Hey bhunt1! Thanks, that's precisely what was aimed for. It's complex without Acousticeg trying to make it seem boastful or difficult, the beauty in it its subtlety. I'm just following along with what he has set up so well. Thanks for the listen and comment. You've got good ears! +1
Yes as titi says Hypnotic Saxaphone Charmer you are, exceptional way to be part of this beautiful music and bring all these worldly traveller influences with you, never detracting for one good!+2
March 26 2020 00:17:49
Wade Yes titi has me pegged as Kaa, the giant snake form Jungle book. I've got to say that he's right. I sneak around and weave through the musical grass in search of prey. Fact is I really love and admire snakes. We are lucky to have some amazing ones at our place in Australia. There's a 4 meter long amethystine python that visits occasionally. We also have lots in the ceiling that keep the unwanted critters at bay. A different reality...I know. +1
March 26 2020 00:32:56
PJE It’s a trademark of yours that eastern charmer lilt that you mix in with other influences and chops....the wonderful result being unmistakably you! When I was young growing up in Africa i had many snake encounters, most notably Black Mambas and then more recently with Diamondback Rattlers in Arizona, I am fascinated by these amazing creatures, with a healthy respect of course +1
March 26 2020 20:08:28
Wade Ah, another thing in common! I think I'd be very wary about Black Mambas. Aggressive and fast. All the snakes I've know were passive unless you did something stupid like step on them. When I lived on a farm in California I'd go around in spring when the gopher snakes would come out of hibernation and pick them all up. Otherwise they'd mostly get taken by the hawks. They are slow and dopey, so easy prey sitting in the sun trying to warm up. I'd then put them down the gopher and ground squirrel holes to get their first meal of the season and help me keep those other pesky critters under control. Got to work WITH nature! +1
it's a pleasure to listen to ... great track and beautiful sounds, great harmony work, congrat guys :W:)<3 great work Wade!. I wonder you improvise or you study and write down your part and practice it before recording;)+2
March 26 2020 00:12:09
Wade If you look at the reply to Stef you'll find the answer there. I'm strictly a "jammer". I can't remember how many takes, but probably two to get it right. Where there's a logic to the changes and melody I can anticipate and play what I hear as harmony. melody or counterpoint. Thanks so much João. +0
A very difficult task indeed ! you pull this off remarkably melody wise with astounding dynamics as well ! such artistry in you !!+2
March 26 2020 00:02:31
Wade That's high praise from you as I know you won't say something that's not genuine. This sort of music really speaks to me. Once in a while maybe I get it right? Cheers OliVBee! +1
You created a parallel line that works perfectly, well played Wade :)+2
March 26 2020 00:30:42
Wade Ah, and you madam are certainly an expert at that, which makes it all the more a compliment! Thanks Charlotte. +1
WOW...A lot going on here with the two guitars and sax...but somehow it all blends perfectly, 1/4 way in and I am lulled into a sort of trance of perfectly sewed together sound.:)<3+1
March 26 2020 00:00:24
Wade The template from Acousticeg. Is magical and I'm just tagging along. So glad if what I'm doing fits, even better if it enhances. I don't give myself that much credit though as it was magic without me. I just wanted to be in there! +0
it sounds like a story ...
superb Wade as always<3
March 25 2020 23:57:31
Wade The story was already there from Acousticeg. I'm just adding harmonies and counterpoint. So glad if that's working OK. Can't take credit for his wonderful track, that already had so much emotion in it. +0
June 28 2020 00:46:15
jamlady ...but every note is important:)<3 +0
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