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I am now suffering with DDCS (Drumming DeCompression Sickness) after todays Self Isolated Drum Track..... As kindly suggested, yesterday by Prof. Alex Nyman! "Free jazz track. 4-5 minutes. Lots of dynamics. Space. Time if you want but not throughout." Initially that sounds a pretty helpful & staightforward guide....then try actually doing it!!! What a mind bend I think a might just have acheived a little Jazz feel/Swing and the playing out of for the rest...well I tried anyway:) Thanks for a wonderful challenge,learning ...


This is great Peter. And it’s is going to work well for me and a good number of others no doubt. Fabulous work+1
March 25 2020 19:38:07
PJE Thank you Alex and I will be delighted if anyone can use, I am very appreciative of your great support and suggestions and always inspired by your wonderful musical presence, I know it’s not strictly free time, that’s a work in progress +1
March 25 2020 21:07:03
CameAndWent4-20 know I’ve pm’d you. I think the phrase ‘strictly free time’ is one I’m going to use in a title:D:W<3 +1
March 26 2020 00:11:44
PJE <3:D +1
A good job Peter surely there will be collaborations;)+1
Promise !!+1
March 25 2020 19:53:30
PJE <3 +1
I will download your drums. I don't know if I'll be able to play anything. But I try to analyze them in the DAW and learn something about the FreeJazz system :)+1
March 25 2020 21:13:31
PJE These if you like to, but I will soon do some more without any formal time at all:) +1
March 25 2020 21:24:58
abuitremorem OK :) +1

In the nicest possible way y'understand
March 26 2020 11:01:26
PJE :) +1
This is totally cool:o:D<3+0
Fantastic!! :D:)+0
Nice work and yes Jazz needs to be free :D+0
:W fantastic Peter+0
Nice, PJE! :)+0
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