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Hello Dear Wikiloopers, I hope that Erwan will not be angry with me because I have completely rebuilt his track to lengthen it and to make verses, choruses and breaks. Not easy to play on this for 2 reasons: -Normally, Abmin / G # min is a scale I can't play with the celtic harp. This is one limit of this diatonic intrument. But I love the Uillean pipe. And I wanted to have a try on this, avoiding all strings ...
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celtic fusion, celtic harp


this new version comes with a touch of genius <3 . it's always better when we work in team+2
March 25 2020 22:06:34
Caroljoyce I'm glad you like it. I love this sound, you did a very well structured template, very clear with a perfect tempo :D which provides millions of possibilities to reorganize the parts... Bravo ! Et vive la musique celtique. +2
March 25 2020 22:09:57
Caroljoyce On the solos, I played in ternary tempo instead of 4/4 ! Excellent. +1
Ahhhhh yes! it's a wonderfull song that you played here Agnès ;) <3+1
Sounds fantastic Agnes!! Great work on this one!! :W :D <3+1
Sounds amazing - such a sparkly yet abstract texture you add to this. Hypnotic! <3+1
<3<3 Fantastic Agnés :)+1
glad i found this is so goooddd+1
April 14 2020 23:50:25
Caroljoyce Thanks for the listen Gelo. :) +0
checked this #134252 track y did all the music on it but wich i had this fx on it+1
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