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I join Rick and Wade this beautiful song.


So good to have you join in on this lovely track. Some tricky chord structures in there which I may have made more complicated. To be honest I'd love to hear your bass with just the guitar then I could conform to what the Bass and guitar's structure is...what generally happens anyway.+3
March 26 2020 13:21:39
PJE Why conform..... what you did Wade was magical and made it accessible the greatest gift anyone could give music, in my opinion:) +2
March 26 2020 20:02:04
khangurumc I try my best Wade ,it was fun to do it.And learn .Thank you.I can send you my bass part, if you whant it? +2
March 26 2020 20:22:59
Wade Very kind of you. I was thinking more in terms of your just hearing the guitar line and only playing with that. I think my line made it more complex as I was going for rather oblique chord structures. If you were just reacting to and playing with the guitar alone it would be simpler and I could follow you.

Your tone and feel is marvelous (as always), but we are pulling in different directions with the chord structure. Maybe best to just go on to the next project? We will meet again I'm sure in perfect harmony.
March 26 2020 20:29:00
khangurumc Now I understand what you mean,You definitively influence me and in a good way.This song is fantastic ,and I have listen to it near a hundred times.Looking forward for the Next Project my friend and thank you again:) +2
very good addition!!!:W Hey, this is not easy one, but you did a great job using the characteristic note of each tricky chord, Khan!!! :W:)+2
March 26 2020 20:03:03
khangurumc Thank you João:) +1
Wonderful Marc and inspiringly beautiful<3<3+1
March 26 2020 20:03:18
khangurumc Thank you Peter:) +1
Just the right feel for this - well done!+1
March 26 2020 20:03:31
khangurumc Thank you Dan:) +0
Always magnificent your bassline Marc! :)+1
March 26 2020 20:03:43
khangurumc Thank you Stef:) +1
Wonderful bass for a wonderful track<3+1
March 27 2020 16:13:04
khangurumc Thank you Frankie:) +1
Very cool bass playing, Khan!!! Not easy on a free flowing slow tempo and you play with so much conviction and warmth!!!!+1
April 02 2020 21:58:31
khangurumc Thank you Dan:) +0
Very nice! :)+0
March 27 2020 16:13:19
khangurumc Thank you Mark:) +1
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