Clone Ballad

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This is an old text initially written in French, I wanted to try an English version and this track was perfecty timely thanks to Offfocus. I guess it could be a good playground for an elctro remix, there is room for any crazy intervention...
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Very nice vocals/lyrics marmotte+1
spectacular ... fantastic voice !!!+1
So good trip hop chill out! I'll record something this afternoon!+1
Love love love it - your voice sounds great and the track overall has a really cool atmosphere :)+1
Beautiful singing and harmonies!!!! Incredible voice!!!!+1
Amazing Charlotte! <3+1
March 27 2020 09:38:31
marmotte Thanks for your add, I love it :) +1
Beautiful Charlotte ,Bravo<3+1
Your songs fit really with the weird state of mood and mind. It seems it can be translated in music but also sound good when living it while playing it...+1
My god, Marmotte!!! How happy I am, you joined me here.. this is incredibly exciting what you did here!! The harmonical singing, the relaxed and somehow stoical melody and these lyrics!! When I realized you had lyrics for this template, I couldn't sleep tonight .. sooo exciting!! Wonderful Lady Marmotte coming to sing with me wowowow!!! <3 <3 thank you Marmotte!!+0
March 27 2020 09:42:42
marmotte My pleasure Patrik, your track was absolutely perfect for those lyrics, glad you like it :) +0
Another creepily and emotionally charged reflection of our times. A real work of art.+0
March 27 2020 09:44:54
marmotte So this text has a meaning, good news... ;)
In fact the french version was written more than ten years ago but it seems to fit to the present times

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