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Here I really could not resist :) It was great fun to play to this wonderful sound of a bass clarinet, thanks a lot "Selma". sorry for the weird notes


Cool duet Peter :) A little taste of Balkan !+2
March 26 2020 17:37:01
Pewi You're right, thank you very much for the visit:) +1
Super fancy, Peter! :) :W+2
March 26 2020 17:38:07
Pewi Herzlichen Dank! +1
So schön, Peter & Selma! Paßt perfekt :)+2
March 26 2020 17:38:57
Pewi Danke Dir, toll, dass wir eine Klarinetistin in unseren Reihen haben:):):) +1
Absolutely love it. Reminds me of some great Zappa horn arrangements. He was genius musical arranger. There are no weird notes just cool notes. Play on . your friend pd. B)+2
March 26 2020 18:19:00
Pewi OH, what a great compliment! Thanks a lot my friend! +0
As beautiful as you embroid around that bass clarinet! So good Peter! :)+1
March 26 2020 17:36:32
Pewi Thank you very much:):) +0
Very very pleasant, intrigating and invitating :D

I really like! :)

PS: the first stem is 1GB :o is it true?
March 26 2020 17:37:56
Pewi Thanks a lot for that:)
I think the trail of Selma is a wav file:)
March 26 2020 17:42:50
magirtiko It's a tsunami file, "wave" is too small :D +2
March 26 2020 17:45:38
Pewi :D:D +1
I'm hearing Michael Nymanesque whimsy... entertaining+1
March 26 2020 21:50:54
Pewi Thanks a lot for listening:)I don't know this name:| and can't find anything on the internet. +1
March 26 2020 23:49:18
Ivanovitch Michael Nyman

I was thinking of his score for the film "The Draughtsman's Contract". The music is bound to be on Spotify. The rhythm, the soprano and the bass clarinet of your number hold a mirror to it
March 26 2020 23:56:41
Pewi now I see what you mean:);) thanks. +1
Weird notes? Didn’t hear one throughout. What I did hear was colourful and absolutely musical and very much in the pocket. You’ve turned a simple but very well played bass clarinet line into a musical cameo of taste and discretion. Love it Peter<3+1
March 26 2020 21:58:04
Pewi Thank you very much Alex, I am very happy about your feedback. Since I am not able to write music notes and I have no idea about music theory, I play everything by ear. I also play the second track while I listen to my first one in my headphones. Sometimes dissonance results. I also do not correct afterwards. 0.45 I have the feeling that it does not fit so well :) +1
March 26 2020 22:10:09
CameAndWent4-20 0.45 is excellent. Absolutely harmonically correct in every way. Your ears are telling you the right things. I rely upon mine mostly. Spending all day writing stuff out doesn’t appeal to me. More interesting things happen when I follow my instincts. Seems you are the same:W +1
March 26 2020 22:23:45
Pewi Thank you very much for the feedback. It's true that such sequences only bother me when I listen, during the play everything is in order and fits:) +1
Marvellous Peter you are inspired and I very much like how you integrate your beautiful play into so many styles great talent my friend<3:W+1
March 26 2020 21:59:34
Pewi Wow, what a great compliment! Thanks a lot Peter, I am very happy about it :) +1
fan:)tastisch Peter!+1
March 26 2020 22:24:24
Pewi Ah, freue mich sehr über Deinen Besuch, vielen Dank René:):) +0

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