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Drawn in by Josepssv and his enticing template, which I extended A whole tone scale (more or less) in each ear. What's not to like?
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Plink plonk


I’m glad you spotted this Ivan, :)I liked when I first heard it now it really appeals, love your sound and can’t wait to play around with this, somehow fantastically you’ve Extended it in the right way<3:D:W+1
March 26 2020 21:08:34
Ivanovitch Yes

Even though nice things come in small packages, it seemed right to double the pleasure of Josep's template by extending it
I see it as a dialogue. It is not strictly musical. A dialogue has to be music. Strange. Yes. Far to taste. Like the music of ancient ethnic groups. But this is mining for new songs. I support AK theory ;-)
Thank you Ivanovitch! Your sax is much more beautiful than my template :)<3
March 26 2020 21:05:54
Ivanovitch "Mining for new songs"

I like that
March 26 2020 21:13:44
josepssv Yeees!! :D +1
This is excellent Ivan. I’m impressed. <3+1
March 27 2020 08:47:08
Ivanovitch I like it when you lend your lugholes, Alex +1
This dialog is very evocative. A few notes can replace many notes... ;) Well done!+1
March 27 2020 08:46:16
Ivanovitch Merci beaucoup Laurent

But really... more is best

Gimme more. MORE I tell you
Cool Sound and cool your Saxophon line ;)+1
March 27 2020 08:39:45
Ivanovitch Thank you very much Charli +1
Listening here is pure pleasure, what a great take!+1
March 27 2020 12:32:39
Ivanovitch Thank you Pewi. Ably assisted by the infectious template +1
This works, not sure why or how, but got my attention and several listens from me. Part of it is I love polyrhythmic stuff. You each are in your own rhythmic bubble but somehow relate?!+1
March 27 2020 12:30:39
Ivanovitch I'm as surprised as you are +1
Wow - I like that very much! well done<3+1
March 28 2020 18:05:24
Ivanovitch THa nk you very much Arbuit +0
WOW...This is Incredible!!! Very Creative!!!!! Great dialogue!!!!+1
April 01 2020 15:51:31
Ivanovitch Thank you Dan for taking the time to critique this chatter +0
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