Stomp it Open Blues

Mandolin & acoustic Guitar:
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Such a cute track from this gang. Sneaking in here with the sopranino trying to sound like a Trad Jazz clarinet. Still room for others. A trumpet or trombone would be good!


Nice upbeat track great sax :D+3
March 30 2020 23:49:11
Wade Cheers axenvocs! Yes this style can be good fun and always sounds joyful. +2
Difficult for me to describe how wonderful this magical sopranino is! Stupend in spirit and technique!+3
March 30 2020 23:50:39
Wade Thank you for the invitation to join here I am! It's actually an easy style to play if you've got that sound in your head. Thanks again Stef. +2
March 31 2020 15:17:25
Stef Having it in your head is one thing, pulling it out of the sax is another .... +1
March 31 2020 22:11:56
Wade That's entirely how I play. I'm just a jammer, so must hear what I want to play or nothing happens. I never play by "theory", and really don't like to read music if I can avoid it (too static!). I'm imagining that you probably play similarly, except that you've to up to 10 notes to think about...much tougher! +1
March 31 2020 22:32:14
Stef We two are similar in this.
I instinctively sound, no theory.
This is a limit but it is also an advantage. Yes, I have to use 10 fingers but you have to coordinate fingers and breathing and I find it much more difficult from my point of view.
April 01 2020 00:18:27
Wade Did you ever try? Very easy compared to piano. I started on piano when very young. Always loved the sound, but found it hard to coordinate the right and left hands to do do different things. Later I damaged my little finger or the left hand (a most important finger for piano!). It works OK for sax, but will never work for piano. +1
sound so great!:):W+3
March 30 2020 23:51:42
Wade So good of you to comment! I've got one of yours just edited that will probably get posted later this week.

Thanks so much for your listen and comment.
Yummm what a cool track from everyone, your clarinet sounds perfect and I'm dancing in the living room :)+3
March 30 2020 23:51:11
frenzie :D +2
March 30 2020 23:52:46
Wade So good that you thought it was a clarinet, as that's what I wanted it to sound like. Actually sopranino sax. Thanks Charlotte. +2
<3<3 fantastic Wade :)+3
March 30 2020 23:53:14
Wade Xavi! So good to hear from you. Thanks for the listen and comment. +1
March 31 2020 00:18:53
ivax always a pleasure <3<3 amigo +1
So good!! What a joy!! Thnx my friend:):):)+2
March 30 2020 23:42:17
Wade I love the way this one progressed from your template into all of these adds. +1
March 30 2020 23:50:03
frenzie Yeah there I agree it's so cool what happened to this track :) makes me proud :) +1
Always wonderful when a song creates images in my head, I see people dancing, hear Dr. John sing, New Orleans sends his regards. Super authentic saxophone here Wade, I love it!+2
March 31 2020 21:37:51
Wade Thanks so much Balfo. This is a sound that I've got fixed in my head, so it was easy. PEWI as got the tuba sound down so well. +1

Big smiles at the bluesy club :D :D

And yes, yes, yes: a trombone is really needed :Y

Great sound Wade <3 :)
April 01 2020 00:15:50
Wade Thanks so much for checking this out. Much appreciated. +1
How could I miss this beauty, forgive me Wade! So much going on and I can only apologise, but so glad I’ve found it now, very very cool to have you in the gang for sure:)love it thank you for sharing:D+1
April 01 2020 22:47:33
Wade Very kind of you Peter. I know you're busy with assisting in the medical field as well as playing heaps. Good on you for going to the front lines! +1
a fantastic sopranino Wade.;)+1
April 03 2020 22:28:23
Wade Thanks Nils. Just regular Trad Jazz lines with the hope that they fit. +1
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