Water of Truth

United States
acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Bass:
Gatorblue90 jams
step I
Drums & Percussion:
PJE1110 jams
no additional instruments available so far
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+ 12
Gator quite simply, a totally fantastic performer and song writer, love to hear some more of your songs my friend:)


Cooler than cool... fantastic percussion Peter !!!+1
March 30 2020 20:51:00
PJE Thanks so much Bruce, hope you are safe and well my friend and things get sorted ok over the pond:W:) +1
March 30 2020 20:55:16
Psycho We are in the midwest, and it is getting worse in this part of the country, so I look for more places to close and social distancing orders from the governor. Luckily I'm considered an essential worker. Hope you are doing well ! +0
March 30 2020 20:58:32
PJE Im fine Bruce based at home now, not much to do but make music right now hope we get some jams together soon my friend and take care of yourself:) +1
Peter, this is a good add you did. thanks for the kind words. I hope you and your loved ones are safe during this period. There are quite a few of my songs on Wiki and also some on my youtube sights under either Gatorblue or Gary Millhollon. Best to you.+1
March 30 2020 21:12:03
PJE Gary thank you its always great to hear from you I'm fine and hope you are too, you know how much I enjoy your superb songs and perfomances I will look out for them and jump on any I can, please let me know when you get some new or even drumless versions my friend....take care :D +0
Do you have outdine yourself....terrrific!!! :D<3:o+0
This is fantastic Peter. Great add !!:W:W:W<3+0
Fantastic this Sound PJE ;)Cool Drum line cool Percussion :W:Y+0
So cool drums and percussions Peter! Love this track of Gator! :)+0

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