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I've found it quite difficult to make music at the moment with so much going on. It's normally an escape, but I've felt pretty empty. However, managed to pull this track together. Obviously there is a reference to our current times so quite dark but maybe it ends on a note of optimism?
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Dystopian, Electronica, Cinematic


I think it's wonderful.+2
I completly understand your situation....sometimes the muse leaves us for awhile eh? Glad you got your mojo working again on this fine track <3+1
Heavy vibes for heavy times! Another creative venture.+1
for me you optimally translate the current mood into music. Great!+1
:W awesome Dan <3<3+1
You did a good job, Dani! The other day I heard on TV an interview with a musician and they were asking him about creativity at this time. He answered that it is difficult to create because the creativity of a musician is born with the emotions that he lives every day in life. Well, it's a time to create from the inside of each one, I think. You'll see that it's interesting. Keep playing. <3+1
April 02 2020 16:40:32
DanDiplo Thanks for the insightful words! +0
Suits the mood right now, well done brother Dan!! :)+1
Your musical scenarios are always full of tension and enveloping and this is further proof! So good Dan! :)+1
It reflects your emotion that we all feel during this time. Sometimes words cannot convey what music can. This hits the soul for me. Great great work!+0
awesome template!!!+0
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