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I simply love this track from João as it reminds me of Fellini Movies of the 1950s/60s. Not sure I got all the changes or timing right, but had a blast soaking up the wonderful spirit of this music. Tenor sax in backing mode with harmonies and counterpoint. It's the only track I've ever recorded that my wife asked me to play her twice!


How delightful :D I suddenly feel sophistacated....Im in a lounge wearing evening dress and sipping Champagne. Wel that was a nice escape for a momemt! <3+6
April 03 2020 02:10:26
Wade Ha! Love the image. So glad if this track can provide a moment's escape and a smile. Thanks Tu. +1
Just smoothly tip toeing through there. You make it sound easy Wade. A most enjoyable listen from you two.+3
April 03 2020 02:01:04
Wade Ha! Loving the compliment I've often given to you about making it sound easy. So kind of you to bring it back. +1
Lovely mix of sounds and, yeah, the Fellini reference seems apt to me. The kind of music that transports you to a different place, wonderful to hear.+3
April 03 2020 02:05:50
Wade Cheers Dan. Yea, for many being in a different place and time would be desirable. So glad you checked it out. Thanks. +0
Wowooo...speechless ... a veil of velvet and silk flowing in my ears and in my mind <3... an amazing feeling in the way you play sax here <3 (as always)... Thanks so much for joining your huge artist soul here and for your so kind words in description above...<3+2
April 03 2020 02:07:50
Wade I so enjoy your tracks and am very pleased that you're OK with this add. It's really still a solo by you with my just accompanying you. You deserve all the credit for such a wonderful track that has such a distinctive feel. +1
Yesss like a good soundtrack! very nice! :)+2
April 03 2020 08:58:27
Wade All credit to jjdf for such a wonderful composition and his fine playing. +1
The comparison with Felini's films is funny and true. You offer the softness and the joy of your sax. Your lady appreciates a lot too ;)+1
April 03 2020 02:03:12
Wade Thanks so Much titi. Could have also been movies by Jacques Tati. He's one of my all time favorites! We seldom see his movies here. Do they still show them in France? +1
April 03 2020 10:14:13
titi Yes. These are films that are a bit old now, but it is still possible to see them. Jacques Tati and in the hearts of French people who have a lot of tenderness for him and his works :) +2
April 03 2020 22:49:53
Wade I was very young (maybe 10 years old around 1956?) when I saw Mr Hulot's Holiday, but found it incredibly quirky and funny. I've only see four of his movies since, but all had his unusual point of view that swept you up and kept you amused and interested. So unique! +1
April 04 2020 09:32:02
titi His films are part of the French cinematographic heritage. His mischievous and offbeat eye (for the time) made his works cinematic classics. His films are still on public TV. +1
:o i love it!+1
April 03 2020 02:03:34
Wade Thanks so much Claudia. Glad you enjoyed. +0
Wow nice!! :W:W+1
April 03 2020 02:03:56
Wade Cheers Ernie and thanks for the listen. +0
Hey Wade! You've created an atmosphere precisely from Fellini's films. Very good work.+1
April 03 2020 02:04:48
Wade Thanks Andri. I guess you're old enough to have seen some of these? Then maybe you're an old movie buff? +0
You're doing good to us!+1
April 03 2020 02:08:31
Wade Thanks hartmut! Hopefully we're all "doing good" to each other right now. +1

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