Acid Calypso Sambionic

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Thx to Peter and Alex for such fun template, I respected everything that Alex used in the calypso kind of harmony, then in the middle at 1:36 aprox I tried an acid samba approach to spice things up a little bit, added a distorted phased weird solo as well, maybe Alex will add back to the acid part ? open to edition, adds and anything


Wow! Really enjoyed your creative take on this. Was well done but way too close to a known tune. You've now totally morphed this! Maybe cut off the beginning and end and just use your add with the drums?+1
April 04 2020 10:51:49
jussef63 Yes you do that my friend haha this can take many directions now +3
Saborrrrrr!!! Que bien te has movido por las notas de una quinta cuerda supongo por abajo...el dialogo bajo saxo ingenioso, y no digamos la electro distorsion/calipso/samba, para quitarse el sombrero!! :o

Tasterrrrr !!! How well you have moved through the notes of a fifth string I suppose from below ... the dialogue under clever saxophone, not to mention the electro distortion / calypso / samba, to take off your hat !!
April 04 2020 10:56:07
jussef63 Gracias Mario lo que hice fue usar una afinación drop D que me ha permitido darle sabor a lo grave sin perder el groove, te agradezco como siempre que vengas y escuches lo que hago. mil gracias +1
April 04 2020 10:57:57
GlezBass el drop D ya es para magos del bajo, yo me perderia... D seria la nota mas baja de la quinta cuerda segun entiendo +1
April 04 2020 11:01:56
jussef63 en este caso es de 4 cuerdas por lo que el drop d va en la cuerda E +1
April 04 2020 11:03:12
GlezBass cierto! me confundi! es ese artefacto para bajar la afinacion en la 4 cuerda, ahora... ya me parecia extraño con un 5 cuerdas jeje +1
April 04 2020 11:05:02
jussef63 caundo gustes te muestro que maravilla funciona en este bajo, de hecho propuse en el foro que quien guste le puedo pasar tips o lo que sea por video o simplemente compartir musica +2
awsome add ! wonderful twist :)+1
April 04 2020 11:33:02
jussef63 thank you very much, so glad you like it, I hope everything is ok over there for you. +1
April 04 2020 11:42:00
OliVBee everything is ok thank you ! hope it's all good for you on your side of the planet ! +1
April 04 2020 11:44:52
jussef63 yes, we are ok as well +1
another outstanding great job interpretation of groove jussef<3:W+1
April 04 2020 11:58:59
jussef63 thx a lot my good friend +1
From Dark Metal to Sunny Calypso !!!
You're a super bass player, aren't you? :)
April 05 2020 09:27:09
jussef63 lol nah I am just a guy that really enjoys music, same as you my friend +1
Beautiful Jussef,Wow:W<3:o+1
April 05 2020 09:26:46
jussef63 Thx a lot my dear friend +1
Fantastic amigo, very creative and great play!! :O:W:D+1
April 05 2020 09:26:34
jussef63 thanks a lot Ernie +0
awesome brother+1
April 05 2020 09:26:23
jussef63 :Dthx bro +1
Sounds great Jussef :Y :D+1
April 05 2020 09:26:11
jussef63 I am glad you like it w thanks a lot +1
Super Fantastic!!!!!!!! Your bass is in and out with so much coolness!!!! WOW... Excellent Creativity and playing!!!!!!+1
April 05 2020 09:25:55
jussef63 thanks a lot Itoc +0

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