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Something I wrote (me playing djembe/cajon as well), would love some bass/guitars/horns/vocals/anything. All adds welcome.


Welcome Ark!! playlisted! my type jam ;) Fanyastic!+1
April 04 2020 20:42:46
ArkRockStudio Glad to still be jamming with you Glez! Hope that you are healthy and safe. +1
April 04 2020 20:45:49
GlezBass I´m perfect Titus, all the best for you!;) But take the risk of COVID seriously, here in Spain there is a great epidemic with 10,000 deaths for now, and we did not believe what happened in China and Italy! take care !! +2
April 04 2020 20:49:55
ArkRockStudio Yea, I do take it seriously without the media hype...I do most of my music at home now anyways so I didn't loose alot of music gigs or anything. +2
really like this one Titus and those djembe and cajon drums sound so cool :)+1
Downloading :W+1
Resident genius at it again!+1
great piece, I like it a lot+1
great sequence work<3+1
April 05 2020 13:58:43
CI Section
ArkRockStudio Thanks CI:) +0
Oh this is great... lots can be done with this one :W+1
Another great template from you!+1

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