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thanks PJE for the great drums. They enable me to formulate my idea of a "forced long siesta" with the guitar. My line was actually 30 seconds ... but everything goes longer ....


Yeeah!!!! Inside my!!
April 08 2020 09:34:54
abuitremorem Thank you very much :)<3 +0
Hi Rene:)Cool idea buddy,hope you are well,stay safe+1
April 07 2020 10:56:15
abuitremorem Thanks Pete, I also wish you good, virus-free health:) +1
:) wonderful+1
April 07 2020 10:55:07
abuitremorem Thank you :) +1
Sehr schön dein Mix und deine Gitarre am richtigen Ort René ;)Cool :W+1
April 07 2020 10:54:55
abuitremorem Danke Charli :) +1
You always make something unique and visionary and the way the guitar works with the percussion is really cool. Unsettling yet hopeful.+1
April 07 2020 15:53:32
abuitremorem Thank you very much Dan. The idea came up in a discussion with PJE. In the back of my mind I have the melodic interplay of Basel drums and piccolos. but I'm still a long way from it :) +1
Es geht in der Tat alles länger als gedacht:| aber hier bin ich froh, geht diese Reise etwas länger:);)+1
April 07 2020 18:46:51
abuitremorem Verstehe ich gut Peter. Ich hoffe, Du bist in der Arbeit nicht zu exponiert. Alles Gute! +1
April 07 2020 18:51:28
Pewi Es geht, wir sind gut ausgerüstet, da unsere Chefin bei der Sars- Geschichte überreagierte, haben wir nun genug Material, zur Zeit bin ich dankbar dafür:):) +1
April 07 2020 18:53:44
abuitremorem Super - wenn es zu wenig Frauen in einer Geschäftsleitung gibt, wird es früher oder später gefährlich :) +0
thats a fantastic cool add Rene.;)+1
April 07 2020 18:47:12
abuitremorem Thank you, Nils :) +1
Good sounds... open ended story+1
April 08 2020 04:03:18
abuitremorem Thanks Ivan- you're right, we don't know the end :) +1
So Very Creative, Rene!!!!! So much coolness!!!! Excellent my friend!! Stay Safe!!!!!!!+1
April 08 2020 04:02:02
abuitremorem Thanks Dan. I hope you get through the time well. +0
you captured the vibe perfectly.sounds great and full of feeling...looking out the window....at a perfect day....but they claim something is amiss worldwide? :|:)+1
April 08 2020 03:59:58
Major 3rd
abuitremorem Thanks Craig! Yes, that's the feeling. Stay healthy:) +1

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