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I join Oli on the Bossa in the first part. Lot of open space still available. I've tried using the builtin mic in the Kremona guitar instead of the under saddle pickups. Undecided if I like it or not. Thanks Oli. Thanks for Listening.


merci à OlivBee d'avoir contribué à ce que FrankieJ nous délecte de ce nectar en ce jour :)

thanks to OlivBee for helping FrankieJ revel in this nectar today <3
April 11 2020 08:07:05
FrankieJ thanks Filo:) +1
Sensitive sweet guitaring :) i like the mic result ... allthough nothing can beat imho an external mic well placed (or more than one) ;) thanks for sharing your musicality my friend !+2
April 11 2020 08:18:23
FrankieJ I'm liking the mic too. Especially after having the opportunity to hear it in your mixing.
Wonderful rhythm guitar and play from you. Makes it easy for the soloist when the foundation is solid and reliable :)
April 11 2020 08:22:07
OliVBee Thanks my friend :) i so love nylon !! +1
There are so many qualifiers to detail your play. It's always a pleasure :)+2
April 11 2020 08:06:38
FrankieJ thanks titi:) +1
Beautiful guitar add Frankie!!<3<3+2
April 11 2020 08:06:18
FrankieJ thanks deezee:) +1
Great playing+2
April 11 2020 08:06:02
FrankieJ thanks Gary:) +0
:o wow Frankie! wonderful! :) As I have been able to read, the best sound result (at least in the basses ...) is obtained by mixing the sound of the pickups or the piezoelectric systems in combination with the air micro through a box DI system, but the system that you have used sounds good to me ... the important thing is the beauty of the harmonic line and that is outstanding+2
April 11 2020 07:29:43
FrankieJ thanks Mario:) +1
No Question it is Sublime and magical, with the positive happiness radiating in every note my friend<3thank you Frankie for making my morning joyful:):D<3+2
April 11 2020 07:30:01
FrankieJ thanks Peter:) +1
wonderful as always Frankie!<3+1
April 11 2020 07:30:37
FrankieJ thanks Klaudia:) +0
Maybe I'm too distracted by the beauty of the lines you play but to me there's nothing wrong with the sound. So just keep on trying ;)+1
April 11 2020 07:31:32
FrankieJ thanks Fivestringer:) +0
I've had this looping for a half hour .. very nice amigo .. super add!! :W+1
April 11 2020 07:33:35
FrankieJ You might get loopio! :D
Gotta have a little humor these days.
thanks Ernie:)

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