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some (double) bass would be nice, maybe a little walking line in the chorus ... and of course a second guitar, may be some fast cross picking? I can also imagine a nice vocal line ... The recording is not very clean - noise is always a problem when recording with microphones. And fingerpicking with a click track in my ears is strange for me ...
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world, country, swing


Nice playing & recording :) And I agree about a double bass, that would fit very nicely here I guess :)+1
April 07 2020 16:43:59
Cantaloopo Thank you wii! could have done better, but I had to be fast with the recording, because my wife would start to rehearse on her grand piano any minute ... +1
April 07 2020 19:41:02
Cantaloopo thanks for the compliments!:) +1
Nicely done, energetic and whimsical, what's not to like here!!!!+1
April 07 2020 18:13:37
Cantaloopo Thank you! Glad you like it. Didn't want to post a sad ballad in these difficult days ... but the slow version of this tune will inevitably follow soon, I think ... +1
Nice playing like it :)+0
April 07 2020 13:44:27
Cantaloopo Wow, shurely a fast reply! Thanks for the like! +1
April 07 2020 13:46:41
btrasher You're right :D
Thanks to u
Not a bad idea to grab your gutiar again, since your playing is really fantastic+0
nice picking :) is that you playing ? what kind of guitar is that ?+0
April 07 2020 16:27:53
Cantaloopo Yes it's me playing. This one of my favourite acoustics, a Stevens custom build (Munich). It's like a tripleO, a parlour model with slotted pegged. +1
April 07 2020 16:47:58
Cantaloopo ... slotted peghead, of course ...:) +1
April 07 2020 17:04:42
OliVBee and how did you record it if you don't mind me asking ? +0
April 07 2020 17:10:47
Cantaloopo recording setup was quite simple. I had a sennheiser MKH40 going straight into the RME fire face and into LogicX. Then only a little EQing and a very, very decent slap echo ... that was all +1
April 07 2020 17:33:31
OliVBee this is a good mic :) which i have used a couple times in the past ... unfortunately i don't have one ! RME is also a fav of mine ... i'm using a Multiface II +0
April 07 2020 17:49:09
Cantaloopo I got two of these. I love them and in some cases I prefer them even over my Neumanns KM184, especially on strings of any kind. They sound slightly warmer, not so "clinical" in the treble range ... also great on piano and as room mikes .. +1
April 07 2020 17:55:26
OliVBee two is how i would use these in a stereo setup :) in the past few years i tend to prefer large diaphragm mic for an acoustic guitar :) +0
April 07 2020 19:39:36
Cantaloopo of course I also use stereo setups sometimes. I have been experimenting also with LD-mikes such as AKG 414, but I think SD-mikes react better when it comes to catch fast transients. Also the Neumann U89 is very nice on guitar, it has a medium size capsule compared to the U87 workhorse ... +1
Very nice! ;) I think a double bass line would suit him very well !! The closest thing I have is one of my fretless with flatwound strings that I equal as an upright thanks to his piezo, it sounds like this #186633
His recording seems very good to me and the playing is even better
April 09 2020 14:30:38
Cantaloopo You are very welcome with your fretless electric, if you wanna give it a try ;) +1
doesn't this sound so nice Cantaloopo :) made me smile+0
April 10 2020 20:38:38
Cantaloopo Glad it made you smile! I did the same chords in a different style, #186819
hoping it might inspire someone to make up a little song ... :|:D

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