Before He Finds Her

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Good evening Dear Wikiloopers, A new template with my voice & my distoharp floating in the air like a threat. Add what you want. I just want to listen to your creativity on this. No instruction today. ^^ Take care of yourself. See you soon my friends. Agnès
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celtic harp, music movie


I love this direction you've taken. Atmospheres that build into a sonic landscape, yet still full of emotion and feeling. This is definitely sinister, though, in the hinterland between light and dark.+2
April 09 2020 19:04:15
Caroljoyce Thanks Dan.
Here is my source of inspiration :
I wanted to do something where we could understand the story of this woman/girl calling someone in a distant universe: "I am here! This way! Come and get me please!".
A bit like Mina Harker and Count Dracula who live in two parallel worlds and who are looking for each other ... :|
April 10 2020 02:01:29
mortheol Dracula :o +2
April 10 2020 20:07:00
Caroljoyce Hahahaha... 😂 +1
Another excellent song Agnès, as always you nailed it :) <3+1
April 08 2020 23:35:51
Caroljoyce :D +0
<3<3 Fantastic Agnés+1
April 08 2020 23:33:08
Caroljoyce This could be a doomy rock song with drums. +2
April 09 2020 00:46:43
ivax :) +1
Absolutely love this+1
The atmosphere is captivating, Intriguing. Great Track Agnès :W+1
Ohh, wonderful dark athmosphere Agnès! Creatice work !! Very good :) <3 :W+1
April 09 2020 08:22:54
Caroljoyce 🤣 I was just writing a comment on cold plasma song.! Thank you Franky. +1
April 09 2020 08:39:07
frankyguitar It's good to know you are doing well Agnès :) +1
Music worthy of a game of "adventures" I specify, of video game console, bravo :)+1
Musique de film. Impressionnant.+1
April 09 2020 19:07:43
Fabricio L
Caroljoyce ;) +1
Agnes, your creativity is amazing:W<3+1
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