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Exciting and dramatic (short) track from Alex. Tenor sax added (with trepidation).


Beautifully done Wade,fantastic<3+1
April 09 2020 23:10:38
Wade Maybe you already know my favorite play is to just play with bass. Glad you like! +1
wonderful saxafon line Wade fantastic sounds <3+1
April 09 2020 23:11:17
Wade Thanks so much Charli56. Very kind of you. +1
great fit Wade+1
April 09 2020 23:11:43
Wade Cheers Frank. Good of you to check it out. +1
Fantastic Wade, exciting listen. Wonderful done ! :) <3+1
April 09 2020 23:12:19
Wade Ah Franky, so good of you to come round and give a listen. Even better if you liked it. +0
nice match my friend :) thanks for sharing your music on the loops !+1
April 09 2020 23:13:45
Wade Hard to match up to Alex Sarikov, only possible if I'm playing half tempo! Cheers OliVBee! +1
Great track Wade!! bass&sax!! :)+1
April 09 2020 23:15:30
Wade No need to explain to you how much I love playing with bass! Thanks Mario. +1
a new great storytelling <3+1
April 09 2020 23:17:44
Wade Thanks so much Filo974! Sax is just a one note at a time instrument so it needs to be either telling a story or just trying to impress with speed. At 73 years old I'm not very speedy. Ha! +2
super nice jam, Wade! :)+1
April 09 2020 23:18:08
Wade So kind of you to give a listen. Thanks hartmut! +1
Wow, this is really cool+1
April 09 2020 23:18:38
Wade Hey RiffieRich, glad you like! Thanks. +1
Truly difficult to play on this type of progression. it's necessary the talent you have and I love your melodic contrast with the swirling rhythm of the track.+1
April 09 2020 23:20:58
Wade Thanks so much Stef. No way I can keep up with Alex, so I use the slower pace. The progression makes sense to me, so easy. +0

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