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Hello Dear Wikiloopers, Here is a soft template with my celtic harp only. A short piece indeed. I don't know if you can do something with it. Not sure. I tried to do a work like Rudiger Oppermann does with all his loopers. But actually, this is not so easy as I had imagined it... lol. Here's the link : https://youtu.be/LuwOFh3HOI0 At worst, if my tune can gain no add it may help you to dream and travel across a soft parallel world... when ...
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celtic harp, breton music


Tu sais bien que je l'adore cette berceuse :) <3+2
April 15 2020 23:07:47
Caroljoyce ;) +1
Beautiful tune! <3+1
April 15 2020 18:55:03
Caroljoyce Merci Stayn. :D +1
<3<3 fantastic Agnés :)+1
April 15 2020 20:56:01
Caroljoyce :) Thanks a lot for the listen Xavier.:D +0
April 16 2020 00:57:58
ivax <3 +1
what a fantastic trip. I close my eyes and remember last year when we were in Brittany. We spent a day in a forest (Brocéliande) where the atmosphere was magical. It was raining, then the sun came and broke through the leaves of the trees, fog was rising...it was so dreamlike.<3<3+1
April 15 2020 21:01:31
Caroljoyce Oooh Brocielande is not far from my home.

Yes indeed, this forest is reputed as a magical place. You can see the tomb of Merlin the Enchanter there. This is a forest with small streams and large rocks covered with silky moss. The trees are majestic.

A typically Breton landscape. I love it too. I love the smells that emanate from the forest. Thanks for sharing Peter.<3
April 15 2020 21:01:41
Caroljoyce ;) +1
Beautiful composition and played Agnés+1
April 15 2020 21:01:58
Caroljoyce Thank you René. ;) +0
hé hé ! je peux ?+1
April 15 2020 21:33:06
Caroljoyce Bah oui... grand bêta. La musique celtique tu t’y connais un peu je crois...:D +1
April 15 2020 22:07:14
ERWAN youpi je vais essayer de pas en faire du Plantec promis ! +1
April 15 2020 23:18:15
Caroljoyce In my opinion, Plantec is pretty good in the hybrid electro Celtic music genre. There are worse examples. If you tell me Gilles Servat for example, for me, it will be No Way.
Note, it would be fun to try to make Plantec with samples of harp pieces ... Good idea ...;)
So lovely and delicate. A dance of water sprites?+1
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