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put your earphones , close your eyes , it's a space trip or a space idea. hope u like it :) thanks to peter and dirk for their very good templates :). gear:vox sdc 22 drop c' tuning


BT! I am enjoying this awesome ride! I love the feel good rhythm it starts off with and goes back to. Really nice! Feels good as it grooves along. That middle eastern flavor at 0:53 is especially sweet. The heavier changes are on the mark. Then there's 2:49 . Aw yeaa mutha. Superb in my opinion. Great creativity and emotion comes through your strumming on that rhythm guitar. Excellent my friend!

I especially appreciate the totally different context your playing has given the bass. It's really cool how a bass performance can sound different in the midst of different instruments and rhythms.
April 16 2020 08:15:32
btrasher I'm glad u like it .because it was a bit difficult to construct and there are some imperfections but i would like to do that on your bass line
Thanks for your return:)
Such a fine work around the bass line, congrats !
Cosmos Rock :)
April 16 2020 09:55:57
btrasher merci tof
c un peu branlant par moments,mais bon je voulais m'amuser un peu la dessus.
merci d'avoir trouvé les images pour le clip video:D :D
Very nice my friend sounds very good+2
April 16 2020 08:00:23
btrasher Thank u :)
Glad u like it
This is indeed a little space odyssey you're leading us through. And of course it's un poco loco ... but you seem to be doing well even without your pills ;)+2
April 16 2020 07:56:31
btrasher :D:D:D
Thank you very much:)
great and roccked :)+2
April 16 2020 10:45:50
btrasher grazie mille:) +1
:W:W Yeah!! fantastic+1
April 16 2020 01:11:12
btrasher thank u amigo :)
i was afraid of going too far ,i forget my pills for this song ...
yo pienso que soy un poco loco :D
April 16 2020 01:18:45
ivax je,je,je!!! don't worry about it, I think madness is part of every musician's mind,mi amigo Stéphane :o +2
How cool is this😎:W love it great ideas, sound and playing btrasher:W:D:W+1
April 16 2020 21:58:36
btrasher i'm happy u like it . :)
i had some timing problems in this song, but i've done what i've thinking about and the result is fun after all.i 'm glad to play on your very good template:)
Love this great space trip!! Fantastic guitar<3:W<3+1
April 17 2020 14:50:18
btrasher thanks dorothy:) +0
Amazing, awesome, superbe!! :W:W+1
April 28 2020 23:22:29
btrasher thank you:) it's a cosmos trip:D +1
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