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I had a break up in December (perhaps you could tell from a few of my sadder songs that month) and it was SO painful... and then after all that pain, we decided to come back together and live peacefully together. This song is kind of inspired by that. I say that even though there's crazy stuff happening right now, I already went through immense pain and yup, I'm choosing joy, folks. with love, moonchild
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wow another impressive vocal work, awesome Devin+0
April 17 2020 12:35:41
moonchild thank you, jussef :) +0
yahhhh, that's it<3:W+0
April 17 2020 12:38:14
moonchild :D +1
I can hear the "peacefully together" between the bars :) Great play & vocals perform!+0
Its really wonderful that you are back up to sharing your gifts with us and even though the pain must have been hard, maybe its part of the reason you have such emotional Alchemy in your music, turning feelings into harmonious gold......<3+0
Very Nice Devin! Sweet and joyful.+0
great vocals and melody
very nice job:)
Oh so McCartney! Love it~Its like a lost Beatles song.The harmonies are Abbey Road/White Album worthy! So creative!As far as im concerned this is a homerun!+0
Wonderful and happy ! i'm glad you get a better time ;)+0
beautifully done:)+0
Lovely Devin<3+0

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