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I love Ake and his rocking out music to me its like a fusion of Rush meets Zep and Dixie Dreggs with a dash of Skynard ....I was tempted to use a lot of cowbell but knowing the predilection and humour here I kept it minimal, wonder if any can spot it? Thanks for listening


Great job like always peter:)
You touch every style.
I've got a template(drop c song) who need a drummer
You can get an eye if you want;)
April 17 2020 18:10:11
PJE Thank you my friend :Wand yes I would be happy to see if I can do some drums please let me know the track number...unless it’s not uploaded pm me and I will let you have my email for an mp3:) +1
April 17 2020 21:28:14
btrasher thank you peter
the number is # 186810 if you have some request with that template there is no problem i can do modifications.i play a little bit drums but for this one i don't know what to do :D:D
thanks a lot for your help ;)
Fantastic drumming Pete,your drums sound amazing:W+1
April 17 2020 19:25:58
PJE Hey Pete thanks a lot my friend, it’s a great track from Ake:W +1
2:11. Awesome Peter!!!+1
April 18 2020 12:41:19
PJE Cool Dirk and well spotted my friend:W<3:D +0
Great job Peter-more cowbells:D:D
great tune w high energy drums - you are right it does have interesting influences - can def hear Rush and Dregs - really cool :)+0
Ye Haw and whoopee!+0
Authentic force of nature! Great rock drums Peter! :)+0
TOP drumming....!+0

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