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At last, a track upload! Only been 5 months :( Anyway, had this a couple of weeks to do as I've been using to to test out my new configurations so I'm a bit late to this party I'm afraid. Couldn't resist though. Great little funk driving track and very temting to go over the top. Get it straight, kept it punchy with a couple of little syncopations in there to keep it fun. I hope you like the new sound. This ...


Yeah groovy ! YAY the blue Yamaha kit is back on track :D do i hear a smaller tom ? the recording / mixing is still nice :) Welcome back home my friend !+3
April 17 2020 17:48:33
mpointon Yep. And bigger toms too. I'm using the 8, 10 and 12 rack toms and the 16 and 18 floor toms!

This kit still kills everything else I've ever played. I've not even moved the Spaun kit out of the previous house yet (although that's more to do with lockdown!).

Great to be back :)
Great listen martin and cool play your Kit sound is wonderful, better than ever+1
April 17 2020 17:49:08
mpointon Thank you! :) I have soooooo much to catch up on. And a lot of practise to get in. I've barely played since January! +1
JAM NUMBER #666 :O+1
April 17 2020 21:09:08
mpointon *drums fingers*... :D +0
perfect drums:W+1
great drums Martin :)+1
Hey Martin, great to hear your groove and sound again! Foottapping here:W+1
Sounds great welcome back Martin! :W+1
yummy drums & track :)+1
Beautifully precise drumming with lots of snap and punch.+0

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