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Great friend's finger-picker play. A real pleasure for the ears. A happy and optimistic track. Thanks Cantaloopo.


Yep ! Good "waou waou" vibration :D super add Thierry !+1
April 17 2020 19:38:28
titi Merci Filo :) C'est quand même en acoustique sur des seches que je préfère. Alors si en plus c'est du picking... +0
April 17 2020 19:49:05
Filo974 Ouais je comprends très bien. Et le picking j'y arrive pas :( alors que j'adore Dadi... (j'ai des goûts très éclectiques)
Faudra que j'étudie tes tonalités d'harmonica parce que tu as un jeu exceptionnel à mes yeux (ça vient de mon oncle, harmoniciste dans l'âme qui m'a appris un peu la guitare...)
April 17 2020 19:52:53
titi Je fais pas mal de chromatismes pour passer. J'aime beaucoup Dadi bien sur, mais c'est Tommy Emmanuel qui me bluffe. (parmi d'autres) +0
April 17 2020 20:01:53
Filo974 Tu joues de l'harmonica chromatique ? +1
April 17 2020 20:20:21
titi Diatonique +0
WOW! Thierry, you really made my day, thank you so much for this contribution! I listened to many of your jams already and found, that you are a phantastic harp player who seems to be at home in a lot of genres! :W:Y:Y+1
April 17 2020 19:43:43
titi With a superb picking play it is you who make my evening. Your words are really nice and are of course fun. I also left a lot of shit on W_L, but I left it ... This guitar play that you made is exceptional. I'm a big fan of picking, and it calls my harmonica in general. The acoustic guitar is my best traveling companion ;) +0
April 17 2020 21:43:46
Cantaloopo You are too kind! My picking is far from superb, but I try my best. If you like that guitar style we will go on cooperating in the future, I guess. +1
great guys! so much positive vibes in this track!+1
April 17 2020 20:45:15
titi Thx Mr :) +0
got to be smiling :)+1
April 18 2020 07:39:24
titi :) +0
Oh yes. Lovely friend. A perfect playground for titi<3+1
April 18 2020 07:39:44
titi Thank you Frank :) +1
Vraiment cool <3 Et en plus y'a vraiment qu'ici qu'on peut discuter avec des mecs qui connaissent le Marcel:D on se sent chez soi;)+1
April 18 2020 07:40:34
titi Il est parti trop tôt... Putain d'avion !
Et merci :)
April 18 2020 08:44:18
Cassius C'est clair :@ +1
April 18 2020 08:47:13
titi J'ai toujours quelques 33T avec les tablatures. Et les pochettes à la Gotlib +1
April 18 2020 09:01:09
Cassius J'ai le 3 avec la pochette dessinée par Gotilb, et surtout l'album de 75 dédicacé par Dadi lui-même <3 En bonne place dans ma collection de vinyls :W +1
Perfect addition Titi!!+1
April 19 2020 09:53:28
titi Thank you Ron :) +1
First music I listed to today and you brought so much sunshine in an this very rainy day here!!!! So much melodic joy in your playing!!!! So Good Titi!!! Excellent my friend!!!+1
April 19 2020 09:56:38
titi Thank you very much Dan. I couldn't pass pass this guitar ;) +0
A wonderful delicate storyteller that with his great harp makes this song sublime with a repertoire of a thousand shades! :)+1
April 19 2020 10:15:15
titi Thank you Stef :) My favorite playground ;) +1
It doesn't get any better than this, this is my opinion.:)+1
April 20 2020 18:29:39
titi Thank you my friend ;) +1

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