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This is a result of an earworm I've been suffering so is based on that song. Hit hard but with big dynamic range between the intro/choruses and the verse. Get bit of light and shade in there. It's also been a bit of an experiment in production because I've compressed the drums to hell for this - still not really getting the sound I want so would welcome and feedback on this. I've filed it under 'pop' but it could easily be ...


Just realised my mistake on this track - I meant to tune my snare down. It's too tight for this. Ooops, sorry.+1
I think on the snare the compression is to much i would dial in some overhead to get more open snare sound. Or try copy the snare track do 1 nkrmak eq and compr not to much and 2nd scoop the mids out and lots of compr. And balance to taste a touch of the 2nd track might be ebough. But the basic sounds are good. :):)+1
April 18 2020 00:38:25
mpointon I'll have a play. The snare just has no, I guess, power here. Part of that is the tuning is too high - I forgot to lower it before recording. It needs way more punch. There's actually no compression on the snare itself at all though.

I dialled back the overheads to prevent the cymbals overpowering but, listening back on headphones, I think I dialled them back too far! Can't win!

Thanks for the feedback :)
:W:W fantastic Martin :D+1
Great to hear a track from you! Awesome! :o :D+1
Beautiful and subtle in your feel and timing.+0
I'm diggin' it even with the loud snare!! hehe this is Great Martin! :W+0
Love the dynamics!+0
This track is beautiful.+0
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