Cold, Cold Rain-NEEDS BASS

acoustic Guitar:
Fabricio L451 jams
Shi392 jams
step II
United States
Mixer, Keys & Drums:
ArkRockStudio1380 jams

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+ 14
This fantastic tune was great to work with but the recording quality of the guitars.....ehhh. Anyways, I did EQing and compressing/balancing to make the vocals more prominent and the guitars hopefully a little better sounding. Needs bass.


Awesome job! love it the synth solo! only the guitar is low sound... :)+1
April 18 2020 14:41:46
ArkRockStudio Thanks Glez!, I'm gonna try and up the guitars a bit but the recording is too muddy to do anything else to it pretty much. +1
April 18 2020 15:20:02
GlezBass I'll try to turn up the guitar by duplicating this track only when I do my mix! +0
April 18 2020 15:20:27
ArkRockStudio I'm gonna leave it at this, if only the guitars were better recording quality i'd level up the volume a little more accurately. +1
Super add and super remix :W

Guitar defects are minimized!

Beautiful song :o
April 18 2020 21:04:42
ArkRockStudio Thanks yeah the guitar was well-played but the recording quality was not so good so I tried to minimize the peaks with EQ +1
great adds Titus:D+1
great track!+1
this sounds really cool Titus liking that jazzy synthy keys sound and the drums you added as well :)+1
April 18 2020 21:05:44
ArkRockStudio Always love your great voice Shi. I really like working with you and hope to do more +1
Cool one Titus - and your drums and keys: :o congrats! :) <3 Wish I had the single stems, have Shi's & Fabricio's track in my DAW since long...+1
April 19 2020 15:19:35
April 19 2020 18:33:02
wjl Well I meant your drums & keys so that I could try a mix as well together with a bass :) +1

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