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I just wanted to sing something, thx to Marcelo for this sublime piano template...I also did a little fretless melodic solo in the middle, it is a short jam but full of feeling.


Amigo!! para quitarse el sombrero!! que bien cantas (y no es por ser falsamente gentil), me encanta tu voz, como te dije a veces se me viene a la mente Alan Parson, pero aqui cuando nos conparamos con otros musicos es realmente falso! jeje eres Jussef cantando de pu... madre y ademas jugando en el primer nivel con el fretless (ya hubiera qerido el Parson jugar asi un fretless :D). EL track de Marcelo propio! :)+3
April 22 2020 12:45:27
jussef63 uff hermano que comentarios tan amables hasta me la voy a creer...en verdad gracias de corazón Mario :) +1
Beautiful song Jussef, sweet fretless play and wonderful vocals ... AAA+++ So nice bro! :W+2
April 22 2020 12:53:12
jussef63 Hey my friend, thanks a lot, I am very grateful for your time to listen to my stuff +1
April 25 2020 09:57:05
jussef63 :D:D +0
So beautiful jussef, you have added even more emotion and feeling, than should be possible to already such outstanding music....I am enchanted<3:)+1
April 22 2020 12:45:51
jussef63 Thx a lot, I was able to listen to this thanks to you my friend. +1
April 22 2020 12:48:41
PJE I am very pleaased to hear the result amigo....I would like to add some drums/perc maybe if you agree....but also give it chance to flower first +2
April 22 2020 12:50:39
jussef63 of course my friend, this is wikiloops you can do whatever you like and it will be a pleasure to listen to it +1
April 22 2020 12:51:22
PJE :) +1
April 22 2020 17:26:28
LittleWing Be the seed. +0
:o what a talent!!!You are a very good musician and singer too.
Thanks to post this track:)
April 22 2020 13:09:10
jussef63 :o:o:o thx a lot my friend, I am kind of shy with vocals lol but I like to record from time to time, so glad you like it my friend +1
April 22 2020 13:15:16
btrasher Don't be shy ,your voice perfect!!! +1
Great class musician at work :)+1
April 22 2020 13:20:32
jussef63 thanks a lot for your kind words my friend :W +1
purrfect bass :)+1
April 22 2020 13:28:31
Carpenter ...and great vocals.....! +1
April 22 2020 13:34:45
jussef63 thankyou very much my good friend +1
Beautiful song Jussef :)+1
April 22 2020 23:47:25
jussef63 thankyou my good friend +1
Touching! <3:W+1
April 22 2020 23:47:36
jussef63 thx a lot Ray +1
Great chorus master <3+1
April 22 2020 23:47:48
jussef63 merci master titi +0

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