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wailing around, sorry for the rough ride


I enjoy your wailing...its authentic and it gives depth to this performance <3:D<3+3
You really got the blues Frenzie :) Fantastic bluesman... Oh yeah!!!:W+2
Play dem' blues!

Hey Tom -quick question, what slide do you use (glass, metal,stone...)

I have three days of slide practice. I use Allman style glass medicine bottle with cotton swab inserted in it. I need to get the slop out and get that Mick Taylor "sting"like you have. Just wondering which style slide you use because it sounds fantastic.
April 24 2020 17:57:12
frenzie I use bass
slide jim dunlop. And sometimes the big ceramic mudslide. The last gives more side noise. For me a few things where key, on top of the fret. Muting with fret hand behind the slide when needed. Muting with puck hand when needed. Good luck it is fun. Also play with open tunings to get the real blues slide feel thnx for asking cheers:):)
April 24 2020 18:06:10
frenzie You dont need big sweeps just a half step or 1 fret or less is enough. +1
April 24 2020 18:12:57
frenzie Try to end on chord notes all the time work towards the chord change with the sweep and land on 1st beat on root, 3rd or 5th give 3rd and 5th a flat and go to pitch. Haha sorry hope you get my chit chat +0
April 24 2020 18:53:26
LittleWing Thank you my friend! I have plyed with slide and understand what you are saying. I DO NOT pay attention to muting which i should so i will be attentive to what my fingers are doing. I also understand each open tuning has its own "personality". (Open G is hawaian-ey George Harrison used it alot, Open D is darker, bluesy...etc...). I need discipline which everything you are saying comes in. Its something practicing will do. I listen to you alot and think, thats what I want my slide playing to be. I do appreciate you taking the time with those tips because ill be sure to slow down and focus what the little piggies are doing around the slide.I generally dont sweep big but I dont focus whether Im starting on the fret below or just swooping down right on the fret I want.My slide playing generally gives me a headache because I always hear myself as no better then a drunk guitarist playing with a beer bottle.Thanks Tom-Hope all is well with you!Thank you! +1
sounds great to me Tom :)+2
It’s another great one Tom:W:D:)+1
April 24 2020 21:26:31
frenzie Thnx Peter :):) +0
Oh so good!+1
April 24 2020 22:52:56
frenzie Thnx my friend;) +1
:o:o:o:o:o all ways+1
Cool ;)<3+1

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