Thrash & Crash

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Great jam from David and Lenny, thanks for the wonderful fun my friends!! :D:W
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rock metal jamming


Great, snarly bass, well played, good energy :W+2
April 24 2020 20:22:07
Ernie440 Well thanks much my fellow bass compadre! :D:W +1
You keep on jamming at this rate Ernie and you will be King of the loopsloaders forever :oand always so Damn good:W:D:)+1
April 25 2020 01:29:08
Ernie440 hahaha jam jam jam!! It's a nice diversion! Very kind, thanks Peter!! +1
Im psyched to hear this bro! I already downloaded the guitar and drum we got some real it....:W: give a try at some point...salute!!:W+1
April 25 2020 01:28:30
Major 3rd
Ernie440 Looking forward to yer add good buddy, thanks Craig!! :D +0
good job ernie thrasher:D
April 25 2020 01:28:14
Ernie440 Thrashing my way through the loops! Thanks man!! :D:D haha +1
April 25 2020 01:27:49
Ernie440 Don't be frightened Tu!! Thanks for stoppin by :D:D:D +1
Wow, Ernie - what a great job! :W+1
April 25 2020 01:27:30
CI Section
Ernie440 Thanks so much Martin!! :D +1
I had a feeling when I heard this from David that you'd be along soon. Not disappointed!+1
April 25 2020 01:27:18
Ernie440 Fear not, I try to not let you down Wade! hehe Thanks my friend! :D +1
Ricking so Hard!!! Man, you are flying over your cool notes!!! Very well played!!!! Excellent, Ernie!!!!+1
April 25 2020 01:26:56
Ernie440 Thanks my good buddy Dan!! :D +0
perfect line with great sound:):W:W:W+1
April 25 2020 18:06:42
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 Thanks for leading the way with your great drums man!! :W:D +0
Oh Very cool Sound and cool your Bass line friend :Y:W:W<3+1
April 25 2020 18:06:23
Ernie440 thanks a lot Charli!! :):O +1

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