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I wanted to play this track all over again, as there are some little mistakes. But this morning - to my deep frustration - I broke one of the fingernails I need for my picking style. I can't wait at least two weeks until it's grown again, sorry ...
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open tuning in D, finger picking, folk


No nail, no pain, no gain :)+3
April 26 2020 14:28:59
Cantaloopo well, for me it's like a pain in the a... to be without nail. Can't get used to this picks made of metal or plastic, they make too much noise on the strings. And for no gain ... this is something I'm used to ... :D +1
nice playing+1
super guitar picking:)+0
April 26 2020 15:07:51
Cantaloopo Thanks Pete!:) +1
Fantastic piece friend. I understand your nail dilemma. For me I actually prefer calluses but they are harder to maintain unless playing fingerstyle all of the time. Ultimately it would be great to have the nail or callus as an option whenever desired. No way of doing that that I know of. One could use glue on nails when desired I suppose.
I am not fond of the plastic/metal finger picks.
April 26 2020 22:14:15
Cantaloopo Thank you, my friend! :)
Well, normally I don't have much problems as my nails are very hard and there's no need to use glue or what ever to strengthen them. I also don't like fingerpicks, could never get used to them with the exception of a thumb pick. But it's not the thumb nail this time ... sometimes shit happens ... :@
congratulations nice picking and beautiful template:)+0
April 26 2020 22:15:27
Cantaloopo Thanks a lot brother! :) +1
April 27 2020 14:08:27
Cantaloopo thank you, friend! +0
Nice track friend. No luck for your nail ... You will have to be patient, but with fine weather keratin generally grow faster :)+0
April 27 2020 11:39:23
Cantaloopo Thank you titi! I'm feeding on vitamin D already ...:D +1
April 27 2020 12:26:10
titi D like "Daniels" Jack Daniels :D +0
April 27 2020 14:07:43
Cantaloopo Like always it's a lot of fun and an honour for me to have you sharing my finger picking stuff. And to be honest, Jack Daniels is not my kind of dope, with whisky I'm more into Irish Single Malt followed by Munich beer, Aglianico (Puglia) and Riesling (Rhein)! ;) +0
Lovely progression so well played! :)+0
April 27 2020 17:13:33
Cantaloopo Hi Stef, thx, you are too kind! It was quite a bit away from well played ... +1
Such a nice acoustic track, cool one Cantaloopo! :D+0
April 27 2020 20:30:53
Cantaloopo thx, you added some of your cool bass lines already ...:) +1
This is some mighty fine picking.+0
April 28 2020 08:23:57
Cantaloopo Glad you like it, Wade! Thanks! :) +1
<3 wunderschön Heinz, was so ein tiefes D ausmacht gegenüber dem normalen E. Klingt super!+0
April 30 2020 17:49:58
Cantaloopo Ja, ich steh sehr auf diesen Sound. Die Gitarre ist komplett offen in D gestimmt +0
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