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A predictably spartan soundscape for interpretation by Marc here! I gave it a go but, in all honesty, I musically and creatively just couldn't get out of second gear. Sorry about that. I guess it's this bloody isolation dragging us all down. No matter what I did, it was... just... I don't know, formulaic. As a consequence, this is really not a very original or exciting take. Just a busy beat, going into half-time for the outro. Drumming by numbers... Hope it's ...


Nice groove!+1
always a joy when you post something new :) glad you're back on track buddy ! thanks for sharing :Y+1
The drumming is excellent! As usual ! :)+1
nice to hear you back at the loops Martin sounds cool to me :)+1
Maybe 2nd gear was what it needed ;) Enjoyed very much! Cheers Martin :)+1
April 26 2020 22:28:47
mpointon Thanks, WD. It all just felt a bit 'samey' to me - just lacking an idea than can lift it. I fell back into my comfort zone but I guess we all have days like that! +1
Martin! Your take is super, my chords are just giving some structure you gave it the drive and dynamics it needed to get a lift off!
Love your hihat and changing snare! Energetic house that must attract a bassplayer grooving with your flow! <3:Y<3
Cool stuff lately. Glad to see you back here+1
Wow and wow. That's some playing! The final break and change of tempo is magic.+1

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