The Lifelong blues

Guitar, Drums & Bass:
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New Zealand
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Such an amazing track from SlonMusic and Stef. Very slow blues with such feeling from these two. Hopefully I've kept the feeling of what they have so well done. Tenor sax comes and goes (mainly beginning and 2nd half).


Nice one Wade. Amongst some great musos here. Yourself included+1
April 28 2020 21:52:53
Wade Cheers Frank. The joy of this place is that one gets to play with some real pros and try to come up to their level. +1
Clever and smart! Fits so well with Steve´s guitar. Great mix too. Awesome job guys :)+1
April 28 2020 21:54:17
Wade Thanks adu. It's kind of long, but if one has the time? Certainly a joy for me to hang out in this one. +1
Such a great add my friend. And stunning piece of music here. Amazing musical work by you all.+1
April 28 2020 21:56:58
Wade So glad you had a listen and liked. My speed...slow! Ha! Thanks David. +1
Perfect complement for this trio !+1
April 28 2020 22:13:34
Wade I guess all the planets and stars just aligned right. Thanks titi. +1
very nice add!! perfect fit, Wade:W great job!:)+1
April 28 2020 22:14:29
Wade Very kind of you joao +0
Nicely played.
That big laid back sound works really well.
April 28 2020 22:18:07
Wade Cheers "SilverOne". Just curious does your name refer to your tone or hair color? Maybe both? I'm guessing that your not too young as you play with calm authority and have fine technique and tone. +0
April 28 2020 23:35:32
SilverOne Wade the Wise!
The hair has taken on a more silver hue for a fair while now.
April 28 2020 23:44:37
Wade As you can see from my avatar I'm quite grey too! +1
I'm glad it was a long track...too good to be over too soon <3+1
April 28 2020 22:18:54
Wade You listened to the whole thing???? Cheer Tu. So glad you liked. +1
That's candlelight dinner with the wife music right there!! Excellent :W+1
April 28 2020 22:20:00
Wade Thanks Bothen! Yea, it's a long track. If you eat quickly it may last one dinner. Cheers my man! +0
How important is expressiveness and feeling? All for me! You, beyond the technique, have this and this is not learned in the manuals. Splendid musical sensitivity that looks and always relates to the piece in its entirety and not only to its own individual performance. Fantastic add Wade!+1
April 28 2020 22:21:18
Wade So easy to be swept up in the emotion of this when following you. You set the pace and feel for me to follow. Just very glad to be on this one with you. +1
April 28 2020 22:51:00
Stef The same for me. Thanks Wade. +1
Wonderful not only to partake at this level, but to be able to uplift as you have, sensitive, feeling and always in harmony with the big picture......great talent Wade+1
April 28 2020 22:23:19
Wade Too kind. As you've probably noted I never start a template and rely on you and others to set up everything. Then I just come along and milk that wonderfully fat cow. Cheers Peter. +1
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