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Hey guys, long time no see !! Just a "still alive and will be back soon" upload - won't bother you w/ the details but these last years my life turned from a "quiet, coy country boy lifestyle" to a full whirlwind and mayhem of successive uncontrollable events which I hope I'm FINALLY managing to get the reigns on... This is full of my usual quirks and foibles but then again, what better way to come back than by being ...


Wonderful my friend back with full blown vengance...i'm in for sure:W:D<3+2
April 30 2020 14:24:05
nuno1959 Good to know you enjoyed it !!
Rock on... :W:W
melodic bass with a touch of stanley clarke - and glad you are back on the loops :)+2
April 30 2020 14:23:26
nuno1959 Many thanks buddy, it's been a wild ride.... :o +2
April 30 2020 14:25:08
Carpenter I hope you are safe and sound and find time for some recording - music is a great outlet :) +1
April 30 2020 15:18:41
nuno1959 Glad you enjoyed it Carpenter, and yes.. it feels good to be back ! +1
Good to hear you sounds great+1
April 30 2020 15:19:53
nuno1959 Many thanks Ax, glad you enjoyed it.. +1
Dude !!! almost 3 years ... it's good to have you back ! nice to hear you and from you againg :) welcome back home !+1
April 30 2020 14:35:36
nuno1959 ...and there's still a last jolt to the top of the hill !!
Someone please shoot me to end my misery !!! :D
Thanks for the welcome, it's good to be back..
April 30 2020 14:38:36
OliVBee consider you got the shot ! you're now immune to misery ;) +1
Cool stuff as usual Nuno! Welcome back!! :):W+1
April 30 2020 14:34:27
nuno1959 Hey, hey, hey... if it isn't. one of my partners in bass crime !!
Thanks buddy !
April 30 2020 14:39:20
Ernie440 :W:D hehehe +1
via wikiloops radio
WTF?????? I was listening to the "latest songs" station when I heard this - could it really be you? Welcome back mate, hopefully you are back full time with us :W+1
April 30 2020 18:15:25
nuno1959 WTFudge indeed....
Yup, back from there world of the dead just to haunt you !! ;)
A couple more months and life should be back to ''normal''.....
Welcome Nuno!! Even if you had uploaded the jam with another nick we would know that it is you because of your sound and unmistakable way of playing! Very happy to have you among us again with your good wishes! :D:)+1
April 30 2020 18:17:00
nuno1959 Hi Mario !
Nice to hear from you too.... :)
Thanks for that compliment, having a sound of one's own is definitely something to aim at !!
Great track Nuno, glad to hear from you and your great bass playing!:W:D+1
April 30 2020 22:09:40
nuno1959 Thanks OB-Lix, it's been a while but things are getting sorted...
Pretty soon I'll be back to my usual annoying, pestering overplaying, over effected self !! :D
April 30 2020 22:10:26
OB-Lix Can't wait!!!:W +1
You're back!!! Hey Nuno this is some good stuff and very "you". Will download, but you may not see it back for quite a while. I'm still in fig season so quite busy.+1
April 30 2020 22:11:41
nuno1959 Hi there Mr W, The Figman !! ;)
No worries, I'll ask my pukeko brothers to give you a hand with them evil fruits !!!
Big hug !!
Glad to hear you again, buddy!:W+1
May 02 2020 11:46:34
nuno1959 Hi G, nice to hear from you as well after all this time ! +1
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