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My flute is broken and I can't get it repaired until the middle of the month. So I play with the instruments that work :) I hope someone wants to hear the whole track... Attention, it is very, very very much flute... (NAF in "E" and "A") Thanks a lot "ArkRockStudio" for this great template!


You are in that "zone". Peter!!!! Love how you develop your theme and then create revisions!!! Not easy to keep listeners interested playing slowing my friend you succeed so well!!!! At 2:56, cool breakout with stabbing staccato phrases expressing "excitement" ant at 4:04 joint by your other flute so into the vibe!!! Then back and forth with both flutes that is Incredible counter-point with this Wonderful tonal nuances!!!! So creative with the trills and flights of dissonance!!!! 9+ minutes felt like 1 minute!!! So Good, Peter!!! Epic performance!!!+5
April 30 2020 18:17:50
Pewi Hi Dan, you really give me a big joy, because you actually heard the whole track attentively, thank you very much for that, in my opinion this is the greatest compliment my friend:):) +1
Toll, Peter! Da bist Du voll in meinem Geschmacksbereich - ich höre und geniesse!<3:) Am Schluss geht die Post ab :D:D:D super!+3
April 30 2020 16:34:48
Pewi Vielen Dank René! Ein tolles Kompliment! Was den letzten Drittel anbelangt, habe ich ein wenig "gepröbelt"
[img]Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-30 um 16.31.08.jpeg[/img]
April 30 2020 16:36:41
abuitremorem Unbedingt weiter machen!!!! +1
One has a broken flute and another one a broken fingernail :D But that doesn't keep us from making music! Toll was du da mit deiner Flöte gezaubert hast. Ich sehe da eine Karawane durch die Wüste ziehen, die zum Schluss in einen üblen Sandsturm gerät. What irritated me a bit is the steady crackling on the percussion template, sounds like a heavily scratched old Vinyl LP. I think it's not easy to add something and if, some strange strings like a sitar or similar ... or simply nothing, it's great like it is! :W:W+2
April 30 2020 19:01:53
Pewi :D ja, das "Knistern" ist mir auch aufgefallen...aber da hört man grosszügig drüber hinweg:)
Hast Du einen gebrochenen Fingernagel:o...kleben??
Hei wie auch immer vielen Dank für Deinen BEsuch:):)
very very good template :W+1
April 30 2020 16:19:47
Pewi Thank you very much!!! +1
Sorry to hear about your flute, this is great though Peter:W+1
April 30 2020 23:44:38
Pewi Thanks a lot Peter! The flute can be repaired, but it will be very expensive:|. I've been playing this instrument for over 40 years, so I'm going to invest the money that was supposed to be for holidays in my second love;):) +1
Beautiful and mysterious!!+1
April 30 2020 23:45:14
Pewi Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it! +0
who would not love this awesome flute? it is amazingly well played, everything fits, damn I really like this one+1
May 01 2020 13:44:03
Pewi Thank you very much my friend, I appreciate your kind words!:) +1
großartig, Rene, du verzauberst uns damit :)
Danke für den Ausflug in die großartige Landschaft,die Du zusammen mit ArkRock für uns vor unserem inneren Ohrauge aufgespannt hast! <3
May 08 2020 00:40:25
Pewi Vielen Dank, wenn auch etwas verspätet:) +0
As Dan said... you keep the interest through the track especially with the introduction of the second flute... a listening pleasure

Sorry to hear about the broken flute. Did you drop it?
May 08 2020 00:45:47
Pewi thank you very much, I'm glad you like it :) My transverse flute is over 40 years old. The mechanism is broken in one place and has to be replaced :|:|$$$$ +0
May 08 2020 10:04:53
Ivanovitch From sax discussions on another website it seems instrument repairs in Swissland are expensive compared to UK and US... But better that the flute plays... +1
May 08 2020 10:14:04
Pewi You got that right. Repair and revision costs about a third of the price of a new flute, but not to forget that I have been playing this flute for over 40 years. +1

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