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Self isolated rocker (track) would like to meet similiar broad minded for 3 minute fling:)


Hey, right away, an awesome opening jig!love the rolls. Great stuff Pete. Then again at 2:45+1
May 01 2020 14:37:39
PJE Glad you like it my friend...:W:)Thank you +0
May 01 2020 15:07:08
PJE Yep....Capacity Crowd Again:D +0
May 01 2020 18:54:33
PJE I’m sure I’ve played this venue, I recognise the audience +0
Hi Pete, first thank you for liking my track Boczek. I can see we have much in common - we were born in 1960, so obviously we love Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. If you give me some time I have an idea for Govt Distancing Now, but I have to write English lyrics, as nobody will understand the existing Polish ones I am afraid. If you could add drums to Boczek I will be delighted.+1
May 01 2020 17:36:11
Mac Dab
PJE Thank for your compliment and we do have a lot in common I will sure try to join on your lovely track Boczek my friend thank you:) +0
Powerful mechanics :W+0
great drums, nice track description;)+0
Super starter+0
Great job peter:)
Thanks to give us homeworks with this rock template:D:W
Great drum template Peter!!:W+0
Super rock drums Peter! :)+0
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