Accidentally stomped on the blues.

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Apologies to Fanne and Ernie. Maybe it has some charm? Mucked up much of it but thought...hey it's bluesday...what the hell, post it anyway...and so I did. Sometimes you need a thumbs down button.


I almost see in Black and White now. Between New Orleans smile and 1930’s movies but the main souvenir is the Sydney Bechet record my father used to listen to.+2
May 05 2020 17:01:14
Cassius Le mien aussi l'avait ce disque :| T'es de quel groupe sanguin ? :o +3
May 05 2020 23:40:26
Wade So glad if this gives you some good memories of Sidney's playing...he didn't make so many mistakes. +1
May 05 2020 23:41:03
Wade Je suis A négatif. Another way to say this in English is I'm negative Eh? +1
May 06 2020 00:04:35
Cassius You're killing :D Me too :o
It's just a joke to the attention of Tof :D:D:D
Its good Wade, nice old blues sounds here!! Fanne is so good. Keep playing them blues bro!:):) 1:44 !!!:):)+1
May 05 2020 23:23:43
Wade Cheers frenzie. Wish I'd not blown so many bits, oh well! +1
... yes 1:44+1
May 05 2020 23:24:57
Wade Thanks for the listen Kimbo. I guess we won't be seeing each other this year. Hope I can last a few more years and make it to Europe again. +0
Nice Wade :)+1
May 05 2020 23:28:21
Wade So kind of you to check it out. Maybe I'll do better next time? Thanks AirFlow. +1
Fantastic this Natura Sound ;) wonderful your Saxophone line ;)i like this life Sounds Wade+1
May 05 2020 23:29:26
Wade So kind of you Charli. Yes, making mistakes assures everyone I'm human ...maybe a little too human? +1
Sounds great on my end master Wade!! Great job brother, thanks for joining and a Happy Bluesday to you! :W:D+1
May 05 2020 23:30:32
Wade I feel especially bad about screwing up such a great track from you two, but oh well it happens. Good if you found something to enjoy. +1
May 05 2020 23:32:30
Ernie440 haha you must be having one of those days where you think it sounds like crap .. I have those too (then someone says it sounds OK) .. I really think it sounds good brother Wade! +1
May 05 2020 23:36:01
Wade Not sure if I'm disappointed or glad you're not listening "critically". +1
May 06 2020 02:05:18
Ernie440 LOL there's a lot of leeway in the blues!! :D Our "mistakes" always or usually sound much worse to us than our audience, me thinks. +1
certainly no thumbs down needed ! who doesn't need a blues fix when it's a good one ??? :D+1
May 05 2020 23:31:19
Wade I certainly expected you to be more discerning, but if you like the way it feels, then I guess the mistakes don't matter. +1
A good job on sax, good jam and good blues!! :)+1
May 05 2020 23:32:44
Wade Thanks Mario. I certainly hope you are staying well. You would be subject exposure more than most of us. Be safe my friend. +1
May 05 2020 23:38:34
GlezBass thanks Wade! I´m fine! :) +1
marvelous addition!:W;)+1
May 05 2020 23:34:06
Wade Thanks Joao. Hopefully I won't make as many mistakes on your tracks. +1
Excellent speak easy sound going on here. I didn't really hear anything wrong from you Wade, I will listen again just to make sure I was wrong. :|:o:@:D:W+1
May 06 2020 06:41:57
Wade Thanks Bothen. From about 1/3 in it starts turning to custard. Bad note choices, timing, off harmonies and a two part improv that didn't work very well. Other than that... +1
May 06 2020 17:10:34
Bothen My ear is not as discerning when it comes to the blues. You played a raw and unfettered accompaniment, you played the blues!!!!:W +1
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