One Monster in my Kinder Surprise

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Thanks Ray,Fantastic Drums :W:W Today has been a somewhat strange day full of surprises, I think that so much television and false hoaxes on the net have left me without encouragement, but I am left with the positive side, chocolate and yogurts with pieces of pear, and a little guitar playing next to Ray :D Thanks for listen,amigos :)


My Amigo Xavi, do not be discouraged by the storms outside. We are humans, and we will find happiness despite the clouds!+2
May 06 2020 23:44:49
ivax <3<3 thanks Dirk,for your support,amigo :W +0
Chocolate yogurt and pear! sounds so good! Great jam brother Xavi!! Sounds good too! :D:D :W+2
May 06 2020 18:45:36
DirkL LOL Ernie. You focused right in on the snacks. I do the same thing I admit it. +1
May 06 2020 18:48:07
Ernie440 Snacking as I read this, haha! :D +1
May 06 2020 18:49:33
DirkL Heading for some raw pecans now. +1
May 06 2020 18:50:49
Ernie440 Great minds!! Hey I got a kilo of them in my fridge!! Well .. it's not a kilo anymore :D +1
May 06 2020 19:01:21
DirkL A kilo. LOL. GO BIG OR GO HOME. +1
May 06 2020 19:25:23
Ernie440 yeah our local superstore has them in the "baking nuts" section .. they're excellent $30 bux CDN for a kilo .. yellow label. haha :D +1
May 06 2020 23:49:20
ivax :D:D thanks Ernie,amigo,je,je,je!!! +1
Well see this is your contribution to making the world give much to be enjoyed my amigo <3<3<3+2
May 06 2020 18:47:06
DirkL So true. Out of the ashes of his miserable day, he created waves of positive and happy energy! Profound. +2
May 06 2020 23:52:24
ivax <3<3 thanks Tu,for your support :W +1
Xavi, I so understand feeling "depression" with the tv news, so much so I for the first time in my life feel so helpless and disappointed in my country's Federal Government moving so far away from "caring" for its people. But I become positive when I listen to your playing!!!! Excellent, Xavi!!!+2
May 06 2020 18:48:19
DirkL This has made me realize that even in wars and disease, people need to be happy & entertained. Humans endure a lot and laugh/smile anyway. Life finds a way. +1
May 07 2020 00:02:31
ivax <3<3 thanks Dan,mi amigo,thanks for your support,I wish the best for all people,as always in these cases the poorest and most defenseless citizens are always harmed, luckily in Spain the new government has created an aid plan for the working class, although there is always some gap in economic aid, and unfortunately the country has a external debt that will not lift its head for some generations :| +0
Great playing Xavi . As Yoda says Chocolate yogurts and wikiloops are the best way to keep on the right side of strength<3+1
May 07 2020 00:26:34
ivax <3<3 Thanks Erwan,amigo :D:D Master Yoda's words are wise je,je,je!!! +1
:O [img][/img]+1
May 07 2020 04:05:06
ivax :o:o LoL!!! Beautiful Monster, bewitched again :D:D je,je,je!!! +1
May 07 2020 13:10:04
Ernie440 hehehe +1
Super cool<3:D+1
May 07 2020 23:37:53
ivax :D:D thanks David,amigo :W +1
This is absolutely fantastic amigo! Definitely has your touch. Thanks 😊+1
May 07 2020 23:38:40
ivax <3<3 Thanks Ray,very happy :W +1
Sounding good my friend!+1
May 07 2020 23:39:02
ivax :D Thanks Wade,mi amigo <3<3 +1
The power of music is superior to any adversity. Great rock guitar my friend! :)+1
May 11 2020 23:43:04
ivax <3<3 Thanks Stef,amigo :W:W +0

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