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Great blues jam from Mika and Tom ... added some low end to the mix .. fun jam guys thanks, really nice blues!! :O:W
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Blues Jam


Roll that bass in the mix!! Take drink buddy!! 🍺🍺 stay safe 😷+1
May 07 2020 17:07:38
Ernie440 rock and roll!!! .. uhm .. blues :D Well don't think I've ever been safe but I'll try to stay healthy .. you too!! :D .. mmmm beeer!! 🍺🍺 Danke! +1
May 07 2020 17:09:32
frenzie Yeah safe is more of a theory nowadays :D +2
May 07 2020 17:10:29
Ernie440 Yeah it's pushed by the media .. a LOT!! safe safe .. a French Safe LOL!!! +1
May 07 2020 17:13:12
frenzie Had to Google that tbh, Haha good one! Always handy if the neighbours wife has an urge :O +1
May 07 2020 17:14:21
Ernie440 Oh no!!!! :O:O :D +1
May 07 2020 17:19:05
frenzie Highly depends on the kind of neighbours wife, it's either why not or run for cover B) +1
May 07 2020 17:21:05
Ernie440 True or how scary the husband is ...Urges get people in trouble!!! This conversation is making me nervous .. I'm holding my bible right NOW!! :D:D .. and thanks for the chuckles today !! +0
Nice bandname btw :D+1
May 07 2020 17:09:35
Ernie440 yeah .. not bad huh!! You started it :D;) +1
May 07 2020 17:10:27
frenzie Yeah I look around on my desk for template names , so creative!!:O:O LOL +1
May 07 2020 17:11:42
Ernie440 haha that's funny .. although do they even make cellotape these day?? hehehe +1
May 07 2020 17:17:18
frenzie I actually use scotch tape, you're right that old stuff is the worst, doesn't break but twists in the wrong way Haha:D and don't repair the French safe with one of those gets you more offspring than needed. :):) +1
May 07 2020 17:23:06
Ernie440 LOL!! I have a cat! +1
:W Yep!+1
May 08 2020 02:06:59
Ernie440 thanks for listening my friend :D +0
Well bro same as the sticky tape you got this together beautifully:W:W:)+1
May 08 2020 02:06:46
Ernie440 thanks buddy! :D +1
this is some good down south crawdad eatin music uhhuh:D+1
May 08 2020 02:06:37
Ernie440 mmmm crawdads!!! Thanx Mike!! :D +0
Nice noodling Ernie on the this awesome track :o:Y<3+1
May 08 2020 02:06:19
Ernie440 thanks much dear Tu :):D +0
good jam cheers Ernie and Tom. I drink homemade mead in May.
May 08 2020 02:06:04
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 Thanks Mika and that drink looks good ... what did you add to your mead?? :W +1
May 08 2020 07:27:36
Mika Tohve
Mika Tohve A sweet mead called Sima is connected with the Finnish Vappu festival in May although in modern practice, brown sugar is often used in place of honey. During secondary fermentation, added raisins augment the amount of sugar available to the yeast and indicate readiness for consumption, rising to the top of the bottle when sufficiently depleted. Sima is commonly served with both the pulp and rind of a lemon. +1
May 08 2020 12:56:35
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 Ahhh very interesting ... sounds like a rich drink! I've made wine and beer, never tried to make mead, although I did make honey ale years ago! It sounds like a drink that could use some lemon in it! +1
May 08 2020 17:32:34
Mika Tohve
Mika Tohve Still got one bottle left of six we made, Burp. +1
May 10 2020 23:06:39
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 hehe +1
May 11 2020 09:23:14
Mika Tohve
Mika Tohve All gone now. +1
May 11 2020 15:43:19
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 :@:D:W 🍺 +1
OK, give it the weight that it deserves. So good.+1
May 08 2020 13:10:31
Ernie440 Many thanks ole chum! :W +1
great bass Ernie (as always!) :)+1
May 09 2020 20:43:37
Ernie440 thanks very much hartmut!! :D +1
Amazing bass! Amazing Ernie! :)+1
May 13 2020 12:45:50
Ernie440 Very kind, thanks a lot Stef :D +0
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