The Seventh Seal of Jazz

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Nice little bouncy jazz number from Arnosolo well balanced by Ernie the Great. Sopranino added to keep it light and bouncy.


Wow this is nice Wade, love it, it's like a groovy theme for a crime sleuth show, great play and the way you finish the ending, mmm yeah!! .. I'm thinking some light drums with brushes maybe .. or not! Thanks for that!! :D:D+2
May 10 2020 03:21:28
Wade Yea, I agree with you some light rhythms would be nice. So good following you again. +0
Bouncy yes it has a lovely bouncy vibe...I might try listening to it when next on a trampoline!<3:Y:D+2
May 10 2020 03:22:15
Wade Or a bouncy castle? Cheers Tu, so glad for your listen and support. +1
This is a very nice one.+1
May 10 2020 03:20:30
Wade Such a good track from Arnosolo and Ernie, that makes it easy! So good of you to add to it and fill in the solo section. +0
Always impressed how jazz players know all these chords and melodies :):) this is cool jazz playing Wade!!:):)+1
May 10 2020 03:26:22
Wade Jazz player? Me??? Ha! I've got those sounds in my ears, but am certainly not a jazz player. A long time ago I would have said yes, but the term jazz has been taken over by people who aren't interested in improvisation as a form of instant composition...instead they are just trying to impress by playing cut and paste riffs and arpeggios as fast as possible. +1
May 10 2020 12:36:19
frenzie I guess you are right there I dont know much about it but the older the jazz the note i like it.. +1
deal piece to leave free space to your incredible sopranino that with its timbre integrates the general sound at best. Your taste in phrasing and non-invasiveness are always admirable.+1
May 10 2020 03:29:22
Wade The sopranino, although it can be hard to ignore, plays in a range above most instruments, so if played in a mellow way can allow the other instruments to be easily heard. So glad you like the way this sounds. +0
Really enjoyed this Wade!+1
May 10 2020 03:29:48
Wade Cheers LittleWing. So good of you to check it out and comment. +0
wow, so much sensuality in your playing, Wade :o <3

Great template, mates :Y :W
May 10 2020 03:30:16
Wade Good comment! Got to feel it to play it. +1
very cool jazzy piece!:D<3+1
May 10 2020 03:31:21
Wade So good of you and Rob to join in and make it a party! +0
Great counterpart to the edgy (and brilliant) track...+1
May 10 2020 03:32:56
CI Section
Wade So good of you to check it out and comment. The sopranino can be shrill, so it's a great compliment to think I've tamed the little beastie to sound something "other than" edgy. +1
May 10 2020 21:02:17
CI Section
CI Section Hah, yes, you're definitely a sopranino tamer in my ears! +1
Your instrument is so gentle to us, Wade+1
May 10 2020 03:34:08
Wade You are too kind, but I do greatly appreciate your thoughts as I'm trying to make it sound gentle. +1
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