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Hi friends .. not my most musical period in life .. sorry to be that rare with you and listen to your music !! At least this morning there was a bit of music coming out of the old man .. Reminded me of re-acceleration after the lock down.. probably a bit too much a bit messy ... Urgently needs drums and a bass ,, Thank you very much for listening


very very cool recording! <3+0
May 09 2020 17:13:09
Offfocus Hi Hartmut - thank you so much for giving a listen!! +1
yes very cool indeed - the sounds are amazing :)+0
May 09 2020 17:13:31
Offfocus Thank you, Sir!! Happyyou like it:) +1
Very nice one. A bit os spanish feel.+0
May 09 2020 17:14:10
Offfocus Hi Rob .. played some time along your music .. realizing - its better without me .. anyway: thank you!! +0
May 09 2020 17:17:43
ROBJOL It happens to me all the time. You cannot imagine how many songs end up in upfal. :D +0
Wow - das ist wunderbar, Pat! Auf meiner Liste und gebuchmarkiert :) <3+0
May 09 2020 17:14:36
Offfocus Hey Wolfgang, danke dir!! Wäre superschön, wenn Du rein kommst :) :) +1
wauhhhh Patrik, das macht mich richtig an...ich meine besser geht es nicht!!! SUPER... wauhhhh Patrik, that really turns me on ... I mean it couldn't be better !!! SUPER<3<3:W:W+0
May 09 2020 17:15:35
Offfocus Hi Peatric, ich hatte gehofft, dass du das magst .. da war ein Schlagzeug aus der Dose drunter - gekillt um dir Platz zu machen :) +1

Super track and super template, Offfocus :Y :W

My best claps to you :)
May 09 2020 17:15:49
Offfocus Thank you so much, Magir!! +1
:o:D:D<3What a crazy cool !!!!<3:W+0
May 09 2020 17:16:03
Offfocus Woohoo!! Thank you man!! :) +0
A very cool and interesting track Patrick!!:W+0
May 09 2020 22:26:11
Offfocus Hey Bo! Thank you very much! +0
Fantastic Pat, very cool musik!! :W:W+0
May 09 2020 22:26:45
Offfocus Hi Ernie - thanks buddy! There is definitely need at the low end :) +0
May 09 2020 22:26:56
Offfocus Thank you very much! +1

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