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Thanks Mark and Dirk,Fantastic jam :W:W fun Time :D:D


Cool Sound and cool your Guitar line ivax ;)wonderful playing friend :Y<3+1
May 14 2020 23:38:35
ivax <3<3 Thanks Charli,amigo :W +1
Another cool one Xavi! :W+1
May 14 2020 23:39:25
ivax <3<3 Thanks Mark,very happy,mi amigo :D:D awesome drums :W:W +1
Esto es especial! ¡Me encanta la sensación a las 1:33 y a las 3:00! 3:18 me robó el corazón amigo! ¡Toco el bajo por momentos como ese! Mi esperanza es sacar las emociones del guitarrista tanto como sea posible. ¡Siempre es un placer para mí escuchar las respuestas musicales de usted!
La frase a las 4:22! La forma en que habla con urgencia y belleza! Maravilloso

This is special! I love the feeling at 1:33 and 3:00!!! 3:18 stole my heart amigo! I play bass because of moments like that! My hope is to bring out emotions from the guitarist as much as possible. Always such a treat for me to hear the musical replies from you!
The phrase at 4:22! The way it speaks with urgency and beauty! Gorgeous
May 14 2020 23:45:38
ivax <3<3 Thanks Dirk,very happy :W I´m glad you like it :D:D It cost me a few listens to interpret your groove message, and also be able to fit in with Mark's drum beats, it was actually a great challenge, thanks for this, it is always useful to learn day by day, your support is very valuable to me :W:W +0
Great jam :D<3+1
May 14 2020 23:48:31
ivax <3<3 Thanks David,amigo :W:W +1
5:07. I love the ending 💜💙+1
May 14 2020 23:49:09
ivax <3<3 je,je,je!!! Thanks again,mi amigo Dirk +0
great amigo <3:W

beautiful combination of sounds and atmospheres between your guitars
May 14 2020 23:49:36
ivax :W Thanks Stéphane,very happy :D:D +0
Your playing is arranged with so many cool creative parts that heighten to music!!!!Excellent, Xavi!!+1
May 15 2020 23:12:37
ivax <3<3 thanks Dan,mi amigo,Thanks for your support :) +0

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