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So I’ve mixed things up a little here. Taken WhiteDrum55’s high energy drums from #181846 and Al-Fadista’s guitar from #181922. I’ve added some saxophone lines and tried to add a little melody. Also tweaked Marceys intro melody a little. Hope you don’t mind Marceys. I’ve stretched the song by adding an intro, a breakdown section and looping a section at the end. It’s a patchwork quilt! Great template from Alex.
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Very cool musicianship here and cool creativity by you my friend:W+1
May 15 2020 10:04:29
SilverOne Thanks PJE.
Helps alot having some great musicians come before me.
sounds great :)+1
May 15 2020 10:06:08
SilverOne Thank you. +0
Like pouring oil on troubled water

The light flourishes are a joy
May 15 2020 10:09:47
SilverOne Thank you very much.

Love it! Great take SilverOne! <3 :)+1
May 15 2020 10:11:18
SilverOne Thank you.
You did a great job on this yourself.
That's some production work! Beautiful section work that's wonderfully balanced. The whole thing flows with the delicacy and precision of a Michele Lerande arrangement.+1
May 16 2020 02:21:07
SilverOne Thanks Wade. Very kind of you to say.

Half the fun was chopping it up and seeing if I could stick it back together.
Wow! Beautiful playing and amazing arrangement you made of this track! Don’t mind your tweaking at all, that is the great magic of remixing afterwards and bending things together, totally love it! <3<3+1
May 16 2020 10:01:31
SilverOne Thank you. Glad you like.
Your keys sound great!
So smooth, So Delicious!!! Incredible playing and section segments with cool harmonies and you Wonderful dynamics!!!+1
May 17 2020 10:40:46
SilverOne Thank you for your kind comments.
Just trying to add to the great work done by the other guys before me.
nice creativity and cool playing :) welcome to wikiloops again and thanks for sharing this great work ;)+1
May 21 2020 14:54:05
SilverOne Thank you OlivBee.
all I can say is cool... groovy.. fab.. and what a classy line up here...:)+1
May 23 2020 01:54:30
SilverOne Thanks Shi.
I was in very good company.:)

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