Breezy Blues

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Looking back in time I came across this wonderful acoustic Blues by OlivBee enhanced by Shi's wonderful voice. I added the piano. Thank you Oliv and Shi and thanks for listening.


Stef ! Wonderful playing as usual ! The only down side is i can't find your solo piano so i could try a nice mix ;) glad you had fun my friend and thanks for sharing and making this place the exciting musical platform we all love :)+3
May 14 2020 17:58:08
Stef A real pleasure for me to bring wonderful pieces like this back to listening Oliv. Now I have attached the HD track of the Piano, I'm not very good in the mixdown surely you will know how best to improve the sound of this Blues. Thanks again for your words and for your wonderful guitar that reminds me of the great Jorma Kaukonen. :) +1
May 14 2020 18:52:36
OliVBee Big name for sure :) thanks a bunch ! i''m looking forward the mix ... a lil later ;) +1
wonderful Stef! classy addition to this lovely song<3+2
May 14 2020 17:58:48
Stef Thank you so much dear Tu! :) :) +1
simply superb, Stef!!!! BRAVO!! :W:)<3+1
May 15 2020 08:04:32
Stef Obrigado dear Joao! :) +0
Dal grande Stefano <3+1
May 15 2020 08:04:44
Stef Merci mon ami! :) +1
Awesome piano playing Stef.<3<3<3+1
May 15 2020 08:05:02
Stef Thank you so much Dorothy! :) +1
Beautiful blues perfect fit Stef and so good by you all:W:):W+1
May 15 2020 08:05:18
Stef Thank you so much Peter! :) +1
great add - wonderful song :)+1
May 15 2020 08:05:47
Stef Thank you so much Bhunt! :) +1
Love how you tickle cool music from your "keys"!!!!! Ah... Best of the Best cool solo with syncopated greatness!!!!! Excellent, Stef!!+1
May 19 2020 16:53:36
Stef Thank you so much dear Dan! :) +0
Beautiful Stef<3+1
May 19 2020 16:54:13
Stef Thank you so much for this and for your splendid remix Marc! :) +1
So good. OliVBee did a great job of mixing this. You've got just the right touch for backing Shi. And are right there to fill those little gaps, but not jumping up in the process. Yea, you're a pro and put the music first.+1
May 19 2020 16:54:42
Stef Thank you so much for your always accurate listening Wade! +1

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