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I wrote this song this evening and was about to upload it when we got a phone call with really sad news that a family friend had passed away this afternoon. Coincidence or something more spiritual? I'm not really sure but I decided to upload anyway in her memory.
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Wonderful your Song bluvation <3 Wonderful your Voice friend <3+1
May 16 2020 15:20:50
bluvation Thanks Charli :W<3 +1
Nicely done. You just never know.+1
May 16 2020 15:21:36
bluvation Thanks :W:) +0
May 16 2020 15:22:16
bluvation Thanks Thomas, much appreciated:W:) +0
A beautiful song Gerry that makes a fine tribute to your friend. So sorry for your family's loss but am certain she would love this.<3<3<3
May 16 2020 15:23:41
bluvation Thanks Keith, I really appreciate it buddy! <3<3:) +1
Sad moments transforms in nice song with your talent man. Thats the magic of music+1
May 16 2020 15:19:55
bluvation Thanks Demian, I appreciate your kind words my friend.:W:) +1
I'm so sorry to hear about your family friends, passing but Im sure they are listening to your lovely tribute in Heaven with a big smile Gerry!!<3<3<3+1
May 17 2020 17:58:41
bluvation Thanks Dorothy, very kind of you <3:W<3 +0

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