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When i heard the base written by Arnosolo I immediately felt something magical in me. My nature is so.. i don't know .. classical music is my life and my style. I hope you like it. I Recorded it with my esp guitar and a little part with the keyboard. THANKS EVERYBODY:)


:o so good!+2
Very nice! Thanks for jamming with us!+2
May 18 2020 12:44:18
PJE another cool jam Martin my friend:) +1
nice playing :) you should have posted your mix as a remix of the template you downloaded (the ID# is part of the file name) ;)+2
May 18 2020 11:10:40
Blackanto Yes, in fact I don't understand where I'm wrong .. I download the song of someone I play my part, I load it but then it seems mine and there are no other musicians.. Help!!!!! +1
May 18 2020 11:14:17
OliVBee the wrong part is only in the last step : instead of posting as a new jam post your jam from the page of the template you downloaded using the button "Remix" (next right to the Download button) ;) +2
May 18 2020 23:42:43
Blackanto understood! i'll try +1
Grande Antonio....lacia un pò di spazio musicale anche a noi comuni mortali.......:D...A presto ragazzo.:)+1
Its so beautiful to hear your fine guitar and playing on this Antonio....so everyone can distinguish and appreciate your fine addition and you can look back at your history, this is the track you played to #190182 and where it should be uploaded:) thank you for joining and if you need help just shout out, lots of wiki friends here will be delighted to guide you :W+1
May 18 2020 23:41:14
Blackanto thanks a lot PJE i love the music! so i'm just looking for another one track .. maybe i figure out.. I ll try +1
lovely sounds :)+1
May 19 2020 22:09:24
Blackanto Thank you Shi +1
wonderful track!!and perfect guitar playing!!<3:W+1
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