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I composed this song a few weeks ago. It is a song that I care a lot and tells about the suffering in wearing now as in the past, as for slaves, tools of facial coercion, when not strictly necessary, which extinguish identities and limit freedom of speech and expression, a modern tool of psychological compulsion...thanks for listening...JeanPaul.
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lovely track from you JeanPaul :) very atmospheric+1
May 17 2020 20:55:07
JeanPaul66 <3 Hi Shi, Thanks <3...the lips are like the eyes ...it says:...I would like to look you in the eyes, touch your lips and squeeze you hard to make you listen to the beat of my heart .... will they still allow us to do it in peace ????? ...<3 +0
Nice JeanPaul, i'm feeling the pressure today too.+1
May 18 2020 09:58:22
JeanPaul66 :D:D:Dyesss like chamomile:D:W +0
Really good template, full of atmosphere and mood. Enjoyed it a lot, thanks!+1
May 18 2020 17:50:02
JeanPaul66 :W:Dthanks Dan ... I'm very happy you enjoyed:W:D +0
ciao amico mio, posso capirti .. riflette la tua musica ... nonostante tutto ... stai attent<3:W+1
May 19 2020 13:53:39
JeanPaul66 :D<3thank you I'm glad you understand me. Today I will try to send two tracks on the advice of Dandiplo one in mp3 with the complete song of solo and one in HD where there is no track of drums, I never did it I hope to do everything right, in this way I would be happy you played the piece ... what do you say?:D:D:D ... thanks JeanPaul +1

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