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Feeling down today about lockdowns. So many people can't see friends and family at all. Some can only see friends or family outside. So many restrictions and so many people scared to be around other people, the pressure is building to return to normal human contact, but we are told no by government and no by fear. I hate Coronavirus. I wasn't even going to play bass today. Then I heard this track from David, and it ...


Hey man we are all feeling it! But ya know more than ever our love of music will get us through. Just keep playing keep being inspired...awesome performance...see?? Even under stress you still got it in ya <3<3<3+2
May 17 2020 22:17:41
DirkL Thanks Tu, as I almost tear up. lol +1
May 18 2020 00:25:26
ivax <3<3<3 +1
I feel in my own skin for what you are going through, we are going to overcome this with great enthusiasm, now more than ever humanity has to be united in the fight, but this is not the case, economic interests continue to prevail over health, and that is sad ..... I'm with you Dirk <3<3 Thanks for join, mi amigo :W:W Group therapy from a distance+2
May 18 2020 00:13:10
DirkL [img][/img] +2
May 18 2020 00:23:51
ivax this picture says it all, dude, that's teamwork <3<3 +1
I am glad you did it too! :) Enjoyed! :D+1
May 17 2020 22:16:30
DirkL Thanks WD, virtual hug.. +0
Hey Dirk, we will get over it, keep going! After all we can express our feelings here and share it with other people who think the same way. In my case it helps. Beautiful track - great job whole band<3+1
May 17 2020 23:48:00
Mac Dab
DirkL Hi Mac, thanks for the note good sir. The friendly words of encouragement from all of you really helps get through the low moments! Thank you for the listen and compliments! +1
I like the atmosphere of this track.
very good bass sound and playing.
congratulations dirk:W:)
May 17 2020 23:46:17
DirkL Thank you Stephane, all of you are so good to me! It really helps! +1
Nice atmosphere on this one. And great bass Dirk!+1
May 17 2020 23:17:23
stevengues And I feel ya on this whole mess in the world. I came down with a rare auto-immune disease a little over a year ago. Almost died... but got through all that and then this crazy mess happens. So... avoiding everyone right now. But glad I found you guys. It has made everything so much better. Everyone on here is so nice, I'm really enjoying it! So thanks to you all for being so kind and accepting. I know I'm not the best musically, and I have always been told that I suck. So its been a nice positive change for me on here. Head up brother... It can't rain all the time!:) +2
May 17 2020 23:43:16
DirkL Thanks Steve! +1
May 17 2020 23:45:19
DirkL I'm glad you didn't die Steve! It's been cool having you around! And yeah, we found the only enclave on Earth where musicians can feel safe as if in a nest to play along and improve their skills without hostility of any kind! Wikiloops is the Holy Grail and most people will never find it! +2
May 18 2020 00:14:24
stevengues :)So true... And thanks man! Glad I didn't die too lol. Would have put a damper on things for me. +1
Super cool bass Dirk<3 music is our lifeblood, keep it coming
my friend:D:D
May 18 2020 07:51:54
DirkL :Y<3 +1
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