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I haven't touched the acoustic guitar in was time:) Be good to each other...Peace my friends & enjoy
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INB4! Good to see you Ron. I have worried about you. I hope you're not too down in the dumps good buddy! Great classic Ron melancholy. I love it. This is spiced with the same poignant sounds i've always loved about you! Beautiful jam.+1
May 17 2020 23:50:32
mortheol :|?
I don't have my secret decoder ring;)
May 17 2020 23:51:32
DirkL It's just an internet way of saying Ha! I made it to the comments and thumb vote first! +1
May 17 2020 23:54:21
mortheol I am good...but been having have some rough weeks:( Tough times we are in...sometimes I struggle to lift myself up. It's best I express myself thru music.
Thanks my good friend<3
May 18 2020 00:06:54
DirkL I've been good this whole time, until today. Today it all got to me, i've been a bit down all day. But with the help of Wikiloopers, I've salvaged the day, and i'm feeling ok. Right away, 0:57 That little lick, nice. +1
May 18 2020 16:46:05
mortheol Thanks again Dirk, I am hoping with the better weather things improve.:) We have had a really crappy and late spring here:( +0
very nice acoustic guitars template !!
great job ron:)
May 18 2020 16:44:53
mortheol Thank you very much BT:)
I promise to make my way to some of your music soon:W
May 18 2020 17:34:45
btrasher with pleasure ron!!:W +0
<3<3 fantastic Ron,Wonderful Job,amigo :D I hope you are well <3<3+1
May 18 2020 16:44:20
mortheol Hi Xavi, I am trying to remain positive;)
I love your add my dear friend<3
May 19 2020 00:05:52
ivax <3<3 +0
Fantastic Your Guitar Template mortheol <3 great job friend <3+1
May 18 2020 16:43:33
mortheol Charlie, Thank you...I am glad you enjoyed it:) +0
Love this my friend<3:D+1
May 18 2020 16:42:52
mortheol Thanks Dave;)
I love the positive feedback<3
I'm a big fan of ambient guitar music - the guitar can produce so many rich textures. This is a great example, floats around you.+1
May 18 2020 15:07:25
mortheol Thank you Dan...your comment makes me happy:)<3 +1
Great Ron, there is music that I sometimes listen to for about 5 seconds and you know it is something special and it happened to me with this composition, great job bro<3:W+1
May 18 2020 16:41:41
mortheol Julio, wow...that really makes me very honored to hear you say this:)<3 +1
fantastic how that sounds! The guitar tone and your playing are so balanced, harmonious and haunting. Big compliment Ron!:)+1
May 18 2020 16:50:37
mortheol Hi Rene, I really take your compliment to heart my friend<3
That means a lot to me;)
May 18 2020 16:57:18
abuitremorem I don't know myself very well, but I have the feeling that you are taking a completely new path here, and that makes a big impression on me +1
May 18 2020 17:15:22
mortheol Ich denke, vielleicht hast Du recht, danke mein lieber Freund;) +1
Hauntingly beautiful <3+1
May 18 2020 17:48:29
mortheol Thanks Tu, This means a lot<3 +1
Haunting and so wonderfully played Ron! You really have a fantastic sense for layering guitars and how you can get a result that transport your ideas and emotions ! Dreamy good my friend ! <3+1
May 20 2020 12:52:28
mortheol Many thanks my fellow bandmate;)<3 +0
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